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Princess Charlene Foundation Embraces Drowning Prevention Day at Larvotto

Princess Charlene continues to be a beacon for protecting children from drowning. The United Nations since April 28, 2021 is now also engaged in support and for the first time there is: World Drowning Prevention Day.

What better place than the Principality’s newly renovated Larvotto Beach and its esplanade to spread the message how to prevent drowning and what to do when serious incidents in the water happen.

On this premier of the very first World Drowning Prevention Day, the Princess Charlene Foundation was busy on the esplanade of Larvotto beach. A tent was installed to broadcast prevention messages and was the focus for activities on the beach, in collaboration with the Monegasque Maritime Academy, Monaco Maritime Police, and the Terre-Neuve 06 association. Down by the sea-shore, a series of demonstrations were offered throughout the day, including water scooter rescue.

The goal was to increase the awareness of the dangers of water and the importance of drowning prevention measures.

If we were not aware before, the demonstrations at Larvotto revealed that dogs can be trained as life-savers; always accompanied of course by a handler. But the dog has powerful capabilities and can reach a victim in the water and pull them to safety. Saint Bernard rescue dogs were famous for 200 years finding victims of avalanches. Dogs have been companions for blind people since the very first trial in Paris in 1750. And there is now a Newfoundland breed that is saving children from drowning. A three year old Newfoundland dog called Nox made a star appearance at Larvotto to the delight of the children – a gentle adorable doggie that uses its tail like a rudder in the water.

Preventing Children from Drowning

It’s not just a developing world health crisis. Princess Charlene has certainly made us aware that it is a global problem and clearly the developing world have numerous casualties. It is reported to be the cause of well over 2 million deaths over the past decade and is one of the leading causes of casualties among children. Reports highlight that 90% of drowning deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

But did you know that advanced countries like France have a serious problem too. Public Health France indicated that from June 1 to July 5, 2021, 314 people were victims in France, including 79 drowning fatalities.

The Princess Charlene Foundation has thrown an important spotlight on a challenge that impacts us all – to prevent drownings and protect our children.

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