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Princess Charlene returns to Monaco and joins her family

After several months away from the Principality being treated for the effects of a severe ENT infection that started back in South Africa, Princess Charlene is finally back in Monaco.

Princess Charlene‘s doctors have assessed that there has been a positive dynamic in her treatment and that she can now continue her recovery in the Principality, being close to her husband and children, the Princely Palace said.

It will be a few more weeks before the Princess will be able to be seen at official events, the press release specifies. The Princely palace adds that as soon as her health permits, the Princess will be happy to once again share pleasant moments with all the members of the Monegasque population who have missed her so much.

During this temporary period of rest, the Princely Couple kindly request that their privacy and family environment are well respected.

Since the announcement in mid-November that Princess Charlene was in a state of profound general fatigue requiring complete rest, the location of Princess Charlene’s recovery has been kept secret. 

Then in December last year and in January this year on the occasion of the St. Devote’s Day celebrations, the Prince of Monaco reported that the Princess was feeling better and that her treatment was progressing positively.

Protracted stay in South Africa

At the beginning of May last year, before a trip to South Africa for wildlife rescue missions, Princess Charlene underwent a sinus lift and bone graft for dental implants. Following the operation, while fighting poaching and raising awareness about rhino mutilation in South Africa, the Princess suffered from a serious infection of the ears, nose and throat, she told the news source. The infection grew and she suffered from severe pain. The infection reached dangerous levels and she had to undergo emergency surgery. Following her surgery, she had not been able to take a plane home, because the sinus area would not withstand air pressure changes caused by air travel.

A second corrective surgery performed on 23rd June forced the further postponement of her planned return to Monaco for the celebration of her 10th wedding anniversary to Prince Albert II.

Finally, Princess Charlene underwent another four-hour operation, on Friday August 13th, under general anesthesia. After the operation, her husband, Albert II, the Prince of Monaco, said that everything went well.

Princess Charlene was last hospitalised again on Friday 8th October in South Africa and underwent more surgery under general anaesthesia.

Due to all her surgeries, Princess Charlene had not been able to take a plane home earlier, due to the sensitivity of the sinus area during potential air travel and so she had to wait until the doctors would allow her to travel back.

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