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Prizes to Be Won on the New Monaco App Playing “One Two Tri”

World Recycling Day doesn’t yet have the following of Valentine’s Day but love for the environment is second only to love for a soul-mate. And Monaco, more than anywhere else, is proactive when it comes to protecting the environment. 

One of the latest innovations in the Principality is an application available on smartphone and tablet, launched by the Monegasque Sanitation Company (SMA). It’s in the form of a challenge for residents of the Principality: to test their knowledge of waste.

And so – on the occasion of World Recycling Day, having happened on March 18th – the Prince’s Government, the Oceanographic Museum and the Monegasque Sanitation Society (SMA) have joined together to raise awareness among Monegasques about sorting and reducing waste.

From March 18 to April 11, residents and workers of the Principality are invited to participate in the “Game of Tri” on their smartphones and tablets (and on the internet via the site And there are prizes to be won! 

How to Participate in the Tri Challenge?

The challenge is open to Monegasque residents and employees and students registered in an establishment in the Principality.

Those wishing to participate need to first download the free “Game of tri” application. It’s available for Apple and Android. 

Fire up the application and click on “start”. Enter “98000″ when prompted for the zip code. Then launch the “One Two Tri” mode and create your nickname. Don’t forget to enter your email address; it will be used to contact you if you are among the lucky winners.

And now all you have to do is just play – and hopefully win!

How Do You Play “One Two Tri”?

The player sees the waste and must slide it into the correct bin. Above each type of waste, an icon provides more information both on how to sort it but also on the alternatives to single use to aid conservation efforts. 

To be very realistic, the game has been created mirroring exactly the sorting rules in force in the Principality.

Take Up the Challenge 

The challenge just began on March 18, 2021, on the occasion of “international recycling day” but also recognizing that Monaco is celebrating the two year anniversary of the transition towards the extension and the simplification of sorting instructions in the Principality.

This includes the disappearance of the blue bin for paper, mixing paper with packaging in yellow bins and accepting all household plastic packaging. 

SMA highlights in its recent press release that the development of fun learning solutions in digital format seems particularly appropriate now noting that: “More than 80% of the waste found at sea comes from the land.” 

For a territory like the Principality, bordered by the sea, the issue of good waste management, sorting and reduction at source is intimately linked to that of the preservation of the marine world and the fight against marine pollution. 

The Prizes 

Prizes are to be won for the players having obtained the highest score.

1st prize: a half-day boat trip to the Pelagos Sanctuary for 4 people and a waste reduction advice book.

2nd prize: a designer sorting bin for the home and a book of advice on reduction of waste.

3rd prize: 1 zero waste kit and a waste reduction advice book.

The Oceanographic Museum, partner of the operation, will also offer players excellent tickets for their Escape Game.

The application was developed by the Organéo company.

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