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Rare Violence Shocks Moneghetti as a Stabbed Wife Runs Bleeding into the Street

Attempted homicides in Monaco are few and far between. But no matter how much we get used to how peaceful and safe a country is, inevitably there will be domestic disputes. Most of these are non-violent and remain hidden behind closed doors. Sadly some situations will be inflamed by mental illness and flow onto the street. Unlike other countries where there is serious gun crime, on the rare occasions when someone mentally ill loses their sense of reason in Monaco, it is more likely to be a knife that is close at hand – which is just what has happened and shocked the neighborhood of Moneghetti.

It is too early to be able to review the full facts, but gleaning what information is available, including several press reports, a picture emerges of a 40ish Monegasque man with a history of psychiatric disorders married to a lady from Eastern Europe, who herself may have bouts of mental problems. Schizophrenia is mentioned in the press reports with the inference that the man has a more challenging condition.

Rare Violence Shocks Moneghetti as a Stabbed Wife Runs Bleeding into the Street

In any event the dispute led to the man stabbing the women several times from all accounts. It is difficult to get clarity on whether all the stabbings occurred in the Moneghetti kitchen of their apartment where shouts were heard or, less likely, if violence continued on the street below when the woman ran outside – to the shock of passers by. The woman running bleeding heavily into a local Boulangerie, to where a local pharmacist raced to give first aid to stem the loss of blood. Meanwhile the police and firemen arrive on the scene just as the husband runs into the street and heads for the pharmacy where he is intercepted and surrenders without resistance.

Meanwhile the special mobile medical emergency unit SMUR arrives with an ambulance and fire engine and the focus, according to reports, is on stabilizing the medical condition of the victim who initially heads for Princess Grace and then to Pasteur Hospital in Nice. Initial reports have her in stable condition, her life out of danger. Fortunately, the frightening stabbings, including to her thigh and abdomen, appear to have missed her vital organs. There may have been up to 15 cuts in all!

Rare Violence Shocks Moneghetti as a Stabbed Wife Runs Bleeding into the Street

Is this a case of premeditated murder? Or rather is it a case of diminished capacity due to mental illness. Press reports indicate there is a long history of the man endangering his family and himself. The police and judicial authorities will decide but indications are that the Prosecutor will note his mental condition and diminished capacity which normally removes the more serious charge of premeditation.

A great shock at 6.30 on a Thursday evening in an otherwise peaceful community – and thank goodness firearms in Monaco are rarely on hand when mental illness and rage strike. An hour and a half later peace reigned again in the Moneghetti neighbourhood.

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