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Seas and Oceans Blossom: A Floral Spectacle Unfolds, A Legacy of Princess Grace

With a total of 80 participants, including approximately 20 children, this year’s flower show brought forth a vibrant display of creativity. Themed around “Seas and Oceans,” the competition unfolded across seven categories: vintage sailing ships, coral reefs, fishing nets, storms at sea, ice floes or icebergs, onboard lunches, and, tailored for children aged 6 to 14, beach scenes.

“This year’s competition serves as a poignant reminder of the exquisite beauty and mysteries harbored by our seas and oceans, emphasizing the imperative of preserving their delicate equilibrium,” elucidated Cecilia Fossa Casiraghi, the vice-president of the Garden Club de Monaco.

The considerable turnout of participants spared no effort during the intense five-hour competition, striving to clinch accolades.

A spectrum of awards, including gold, silver, and bronze badges, alongside honourable mentions, adorned the deserving recipients.

Approximately 20 awards were bestowed by an esteemed panel of judges comprising experts, educators, and floral art connoisseurs.

Flower-Arranging Competition

Flower-Arranging Competition

A Royal Showing for a Royal Event

Further distinctions were conferred by a distinguished jury led by the Princess of Hanover, who graced the event alongside the Sovereign. Comprising luminaries from the literary and artistic spheres, this second jury presented eight special prizes.

Princess Grace of Monaco Prize

A great lover of nature who adored flowers, Princess Grace wished to promote the art of arranging them and to inspire a desire to better appreciate their beauty.

And so the Garden Club in the Principality was founded in 1968 by the late Princess Grace. She was the first president of the club and is succeeded by her daughter Princess Caroline in the role.

Flower-Arranging Competition

Flower-Arranging Competition Flower-Arranging Competition

Not to mention that Princess Grace thought the Garden Club was necessary for the “lifeblood” of community life in Monaco. And it has become well known for hosting the International Competition of Bouquets.

The Princess Grace rose garden, in addition remains a perennial symbol of grace and beauty, embodying the enduring legacy of Princess Grace’s affinity for nature and flowers.

And the Princess Grace Prize, the crowning jewel moment of the Flower Show evening, found its deserving recipient in Giuseppina Granero.

Flower-Arranging Competition

Flower-Arranging Competition

Hailing from Ospedaletti, Italy, Granero captivated with her entry in the “ice floe or iceberg” category, already earning the coveted gold badge for her exquisite creation. She received her trophy from the gracious hands of the Princess of Hanover.

Beyond the spirited competition, the 55th edition hosted at the Yacht Club offered an enriching experience for attendees, featuring an engaging lineup of conferences. The Palace’s esteemed florist and decorator, Kevin Billard, in collaboration with Carmelo Scraso, orchestrated a captivating demonstration of floral arrangements, elevating flowers into the spotlight.

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