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Smart Electric Meters for Every Home in Monaco

When it comes to energy consumption, Monaco is the newest territory to make the switch to smart meters.  The Nexio platform will allow every SMEG customer to have precise information on their electricity consumption in real time.

Beginning on 3 March in Fontvieille, SMEG began to install the new generation of electric meters, which are capable of accounting for consumption to the nearest kilowatt hour.

Through the impetus of HSH the Sovereign Prince, the Princely Government is pursuing a sustainable development policy. The national action plan covers the 3 sectors which produce the most greenhouse gases: road transport, waste treatment and energy use in buildings.

A digital meter enables every private customer to be a participant, at their own level, in the energy transition.  Data will now be readily available and will help each household understand, take action and reduce their electricity consumption (and their bill).

Smart Electric Meters for Every Home in Monaco

How does it work?

The meter replacement is free of charge and takes approximately 30 minutes.  If you are a private customer and your meter is outside, your presence is not required for the replacement.  If you are a business, an appointment within a 2-hour time slot will be sent to you, by letter, 2 weeks before the replacement date.

Is it secure?

According to SMEG’s website, the new system is highly secure. Data is encrypted throughout the chain and remains the exclusive property of the electricity contract holder.  Moreover, the new meter only records overall data in kWh, it does not have details on the consumption of household equipment.

“The SMEG is committed to protecting its customers’ data in the conditions of Sovereign Ordinance n° 6.833 of 8 March 2018,” states the SMEG website.

All of the Principality will soon be equipped with the advanced electricity consumption meters. 25,000 meters will be changed in 16 months, or 85 meters per day.

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