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The Elite of Monegasque Society Head for The Mountain and Sea and a Princely Summer Holiday Beckons

The sound of Fireworks in the sky at the close of the 71st Red Cross Ball, the Principality’s social event of the season, must have been music to the ears of Prince Albert. The success of the Ball, and its packed attendance at 1200 euros from each VIP guest was a blessing. It means as President of the Gala and head of Monaco Red Cross Prince Albert has assured with that unique event, reportedly 15% to 25% of the budget for the Red Cross donations for the year. With those funds the Monaco Red Cross toils tirelessly to relieve distress both at home and internationally. And as the fireworks light up the sky, with the Red Cross safe to continue its good works, Prince Albert can look forward to a well deserved rest.

Ten hours of meetings a day is pretty much normal for the Prince from all accounts, and then you have to imagine on top a heavy travel schedule and attendance at three or four events each evening. Imagine doing that month after month. The August vacation is a necessary tonic to recharge the batteries.

Princely Summer Holiday

A happy dad of twins he must be looking forward to more time swimming with them, perhaps even lying beneath a palm tree like last year in a marine environment. Except this year, after the Ball, and after marrying his nephew Louis Ducruet and attending a concert at the Prince’s Palace, the Sovereign’s holiday schedule is pretty much confidential at the moment. All we can say is the agenda of the ruler does not contain any public commitment nor official appointment to muddy the waters and get in the way of a well deserved rest. When Prince Albert takes vacation so too do most of the other personalities in the Principality head for the mountain or sea. 

Princely Summer Holiday

It is reported that Stéphane Valerie, President of the Conseil National will spend a restful week in his country home in Saint-Martin de Peille after a busy Spring session pushing through several significant pieces of legislation. And then off to Turkey.

Meanwhile the vice-president of the High Assembly, Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, will be choosing the relatively cool Italian mountains as everyone at the coast fights for relief from this year’s extraordinary summer heat. Frabosa Soprana in Piedmont is reportedly her favoured destination to enjoy the mountains, play sports, where there are great hiking trails and the opportunity to participate in the passionate Italian pastime of hunting for mushrooms. The first Conseil National sessions will resume on September 2nd.

Princely Summer Holiday

Pastoral work may rain kindness on us all but Archbishop Bernard Barsi needs to recharge physically even if his soul is not suffering. He will leave his apartments of the archbishop’s palace to go reportedly to the Hautes-Alpes, in a tiny village called Les Alberts in the Clarée valley near Briançon. The Archbishop just celebrated his jubilee marking the fiftieth year of dedication to Churchly duties.

The mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan had a very special duty to perform just before taking his vacation in the mountains. He conducted the July civil wedding of Marie Chevallier and Louis Ducruet.

Meanwhile feel sorry for those in the government who can’t get away on their preferred dates to holiday with family. They are on a rotation established to ensure that the Ministry of State runs like clockwork even in August. Someone has to take care of the files and conduct everyday business.

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