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The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic

The Principality’s Retirement Homes Weather the Pandemic Well

A very worrying picture emerges in most countries of the fate of the most vulnerable people during the pandemic – and particularly those in retirement homes. The eastern part of the Alpes Maritimes proves to be an exception and Monaco remarkably so.

There have been no deaths from Covid 19 nor cases even of infection among the elderly group in the three homes whose ages average well over 85. The three homes are A Quietudine (over 75 residents), Cap Fleuri (over 85 residents) and the Rainier-III Centre. 

The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic

Ranging from strict to exceptionally strict preventive measures implemented early, some as early as last December, have protected them. The protective measures were made doubly strict from early March including: 

– Restricting visits, 

– Wearing masks,

– Confinement in rooms,

– Immediate testing at the first sign of symptoms. 

The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic

Extremely dedicated staff are monitored with a temperature measurement twice a day. It is reported that there were solely three cases of infections in staff which were detected early and those staff immediately isolated to protect everyone. 

Covid-19: Update on Results

As at April 20th there have been another two days without infections. So the total remains 94 of whom 23 have recovered including the latest one. 7 are still hospitalized and three of these are in intensive care. 

4th meeting of the Government and National Council Joint Monitoring Committee 


In consultation with the National Council, the Prince’s Government confirmed its decision to purchase all of the reusable fabric masks produced by the company Bettina. 

The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic

Testing Kits

Information was also provided on the procurement of serological tests.

Measures to support businesses and jobs

The following measures were agreed through consultation:

1. With regard to the Guarantee Fund, for any cash flow loan/application amounting to less than €50,000, lending institutions can release the funds requested by their customers without seeking prior agreement from the Guarantee Fund.

2. The income threshold establishing the eligibility of self-employed workers operating as sole traders for payment of the Exceptional Minimum Income is now set at €12,000 per year thereby increasing the number of people likely to benefit from this measure.

The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic

3. The support of 5000 euros a month initially offered to small businesses (SBS) is now extended to companies, with the exception of foreign companies, which have annual gross turnover of under €1.5 million and have, since 1 March, experienced a drop in monthly activity of at least 50%.

4. In the interests of fairness for those operating as sole traders, additional support in the amount of €3,200 will be paid to recipients of the Exceptional Minimum Income for March, April and May 2020. The total monthly support paid to each recipient will thus be €5,000.

All of these measures ensure that no one is left behind.

Safeguarding jobs is the best guarantee of a quick and effective economic recovery once the health crisis has passed.

The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic


In terms of legislation, the Prince’s Government noted that it would shortly submit a bill including the prohibiting unfair dismissals and making teleworking mandatory for jobs wherever possible.

Finally discussed, was the scope of a one-off bonus of €1,000 for the most exposed workers.

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