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The Principality Endows Itself With A Star Armed Patrol Boat

Monaco’s maritime police will soon have a state of the art surveillance and rescue vessel in its naval force. It’s a powerful 1800 horsepower cruiser capable of a speed with full load of 30 knots. And thanks to tanks that can hold 2,500 litres of fuel, it can stay at sea for up to 48 hours without refuelling.

Timed beautifully for the Maritime force’s 60th birthday, their new star is awaited for delivery early this December after which it is tradition to have it inaugurated in front of the Princely family. The boat is currently in the final stages of construction at a shipyard in Viareggio (Italy), a leading shipyard in the world in the field. 

With the exciting recent opening to boats of the harbour waters of the new Monaco Port’s Cala del Forte marina in Ventimiglia having just taken place, it is propitious that this new thoroughbred vessel is capable of reaching Ventimiglia in 17 minutes and reportedly armed with a machine gun at its bow! Among its duties it will be devoted to rescue at sea, a saviour for souls in distress, and of course will take part in customs and coastguard patrols. 

Mother Nature 

Mother Nature is one of the first to benefit as it will be an important defender of the Pelagos Sanctuary and the broader international coastline under joint patrol by Monégasque, Italian and French authorities under the Ramoge Accord.

Sea Rescue

Monaco is serious about its duty to ensure rescue at sea within the framework of the SAR (Search and Rescue) convention, always alert to respond to a possible difficulty that would happen by sea. With its gyroscopic stabilizer it has an advantage during interventions and rescue in that the boat will not move, which protects the victim but also the responders. Six stretchers will be available, compared to three today. A platform has also been installed at the rear of the boat to be able to rescue the injured and also to facilitate divers. 

Another reported advanced capability is a fire-fighting system that almost puts dockside firefighters to shame. The fire pump had an impressive flow rate of 4,500 liters per minute and 12 to 15 bars of power. The motorboat has a crane with a capacity of 400 kilos and will be able to tow the equivalent of its weight, or 60 tons!

The Principality is hardly about to plan to invade anyone but it can certainly defend itself against brigands. Very noticeable, and a tool to dissuade any would-be pirates with evil intent, at the bow of the boat, a Mag 58 machine gun will be enthroned on a lookout pad. It’s a formidable weapon of dissuasion. 

Potpourri of Advanced Hi-Tech Communications 

Detection and communications are enhanced thanks to a compendium of new state of the art hi-tech tools including radars, an autopilot, an echo sounder, a night vision camera and, of course, a satellite link. Compared to the Maritime Force’s existing La Vigilante, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020, the future star has flattering capabilities and measurements.

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