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The Writing is on the Wall for Restaurant and Bar Reopenings – Including the Date

The health situation in Monaco continues its improving trend and the reported cases of the coronavirus in the last month are fewer than one can count on one hand. So favourable is the situation that in every corner of the Principality residents are looking forward to a return to normal life. How we yearn for the rich tapestry of bars and restaurants to liven up our streets once more – and cultural and sports activities too. Which poses the question when?

Restaurant Openings 

Expect to have to reserve. The anticipated opening date is Tuesday June 2. No crowded tables – likely four to six maximum per table with spacing of tables preferred. You are likely to be spared plexiglass separations on each table though. Employees will be wearing masks. The two changes we can expect is a cautious approach to handling menus and a requirement they be scrupulously cleaned – more menus on your phone or behind regularly sanitized protective plastic or as in the past on a large display. Secondly, the musical ambiance will have to be significantly toned down to avoid people having to speak in order to minimize the projection of secretions.

Restaurant and Bar Reopenings

Bars and Cafes

June 2nd is also the anticipated opening date for bars and cafes. One need not expect to have to reserve at a bar but do not expect casual standing at the counter. Seating will be the norm – and not at crowded tables exceeding four or six people at a table. The one noticeable change will be the absence of loud music like karaoke, or pianos or bands

Enlarged terraces?

Many restaurants and bars will be wishing to have their terraces enlarged and will be making requests to do so at the Monaco town hall.

Restaurant and Bar Reopenings

Museums, Cinema, Beaches and Even Games Rooms: Is it a Yes for June 2nd? 

Museum and exhibition halls

Yes, with carefully regulated access, respect for social distancing and prudent scheduling to avoid cross-flows.

Beaches and Solariums

Yes, with a separation between each person of at least 1.50m.


Yes – indoors and outdoors.

Restaurant and Bar Reopenings

Swimming pools 

Yes and No! Only in a sports context from June 2nd – not leisure or paddling pools and sunbathing yet. Swimming laps for example at the Stade Louis II is the type of swimming likely encouraged for now 


Yes and No! – only for outdoors, not yet for indoors.

Games rooms / slot machines / seated games

Yes, wearing masks is expected to be obligatory for customers and employees, and keeping a social distance of 1.50m.

Artistic Activities 

Some artistic activities are envisaged to start with the public expected to wear masks but without song and without the use of loud instruments.

Congress Centres 

Yes, with very careful regulation of flows at the entrance, masks obligatory and reasonable space between each conference chair.

Theatre and performance halls, Ballet and Opera 

Maybe and limited. We will still have to wait for blanket openings. Expect more likely a cautious evaluation of each event prior to permission being granted.

Restaurant and Bar Reopenings

The Red Light List

Still prohibited as yet:

  • Night clubs and discos
  • Sports halls
  • Saunas and hammams.
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