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Time to Watch, Time to Celebrate a James Bond Icon

25.000 dollars, would have been a mere drop in the bucket for Goldfinger, and it will get you and your companion a rare VIPs only opportunity to view the avant-première of the next James Bond blockbuster in the surroundings of the Salle Garnier and the Casino of Monte Carlo

Maybe for a little less, 2.500 dollars, Odd Job, Goldfinger’s deadly henchman, could also afford a ticket to watch – and you too could join him at this price in Salle Garnier together with a sumptuous dinner in the Casino knowing that your ticket price goes to the Charitable Princess Grace Foundation of the USA. 

Thanks to the Princess Grace Foundation USA 

In fact, thanks to the Foundation the film has made it with an ace director; the work of the American filmmaker and director Cary Fukunaga is very much linked to Monaco as he had received a grant from the Princess Grace Foundation USA a few years ago to develop his talent.

And who was the legendary Monaco resident who played James Bond seven times between 1973 and 1985? This British actor who died in 2017 was enamoured of the Principality, where he felt safe and at home for many decades and where he also knew his Rolls Royce would remain unvandalized and pristine. Of course, we are talking about Roger Moore whose ashes also rest today in the Monaco cemetery.

So this wonderful evening event called 007 Monaco is scheduled for September 29th in this most unique setting and it is very much a tribute to Roger Moore too. 

The 25th British spy film, No time to die in VO, was first targeted for release in the spring of 2020 and again in Autumn of the same year. 2020 was of course an “ annus horribilis” due to Covid and up-ended event planning generally. Then it was hoped the film would reach screens in March 2021… and the clock is still ticking! Waiting makes the heart grow fonder and increases the appetite. 

These setbacks due to Covid-19 necessarily delayed the preview of the feature film eagerly awaited in the Principality. It should finally take place at the end of this September, September 29th to be precise before the global release of the film. There is a hoped for release in France on October 6th. 

On the invitation it states that a health pass or proof of a negative test will be required to attend the evening. And the same invitation also specifies that the cast of the feature film which brings together around Daniel Craig: Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek, Naomi Harris, Christopher Waltz and Lashana Lynch will not be present in Monaco.

The event is really an exclusive for James Bond fans who will be able bathe in the Principality’s glamour and glitz and immerse themselves in the danger-charged universe of 007. 

No Time to Die is produced by Eon Productions. It stars Daniel Craig in his fifth outing as the fictional British MI6 agent James Bond. Roger Moore still outguns him with seven Bond appearances.

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