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Tragic Fatal Accident at AS Monaco Training Centre at La Turbie

A tragic fatal accident took place at the beginning of this week in the AS Monaco training centre in La Turbie. There is a rock face and area inaccessible to the Public and players about 30 metres away from where the players park. It is here where a 56 year old contractor was operating a vehicle with a telescopic drill to secure the area around the rock face. Suddenly there was a landslide that enveloped the vehicle crushing and causing the death of the worker. Tragic events like this at a workplace trigger a series of very serious formal investigations that range from any possible criminal act to a thorough review of any breaches of safety procedures. 

First of all though the effort was put into rescue – which itself was complicated because safety experts, including geologists, first had to ensure that the rescue team would not suffer the same fate. Eventually firemen put out a small compressor fire and freed the deceased worker from the cabin of his machine. One other person in shock was escorted to Pasteur hospital in Nice. 

AS Monaco is focussed on offering their condolences and support to the victim’s family and even the Club’s emblem on the Internet. Normally draped in Monaco colours, is temporarily draped in black instead out of respect. 

The tragedy occurred sufficiently away from the players’ ongoing training and testing on the large playing field that safety issues do not impede the continuation of training in the next weeks. Everyone though is in a state of sombre reflection as could be expected following a tragedy that touches them so closely. 

As the Stade Louis II in Fontvielle is currently closed for training due to Coronavirus precautions, the La Turbie facilities are an essential back-up right now. 

Tragic Fatal Accident at AS Monaco Training Centre at La Turbie

And the Training Centre there is a flag-ship for the future, part of a heralded revitalisation of the Club involving an overall budget of around 50 million euros. 

Included in the La Turbie project is a high-tech medical centre with fitness centre and chronotherapy, a balneotherapy perfect for recovery, a cafeteria with over 55 places (plus up to 25 in a private area ), a meeting room with catering service, an 80 seat auditorium, three enhanced playing fields and a panoramic terrace. 

Meanwhile following the Cap d’Ail police visiting the site, a thorough judicial investigation and criminal investigation team from Nice and a Labour Inspectorate review is ongoing – and a flow of condolences to the victim’s family continues.

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