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Turbo Unveils Monaco’s Automotive Stars: GMK, the Audi R8 GT and Dominique Chapatte

In a thrilling twist to its legendary run, Turbo, M6’s iconic supercar program, is illuminating Monaco’s automotive panorama with a riveting scene set at the picturesque Palace Square. This revelation brings forth a captivating fusion of two luminaries: the show’s esteemed host, Dominique Chapatte, and Monaco’s own automotive influencer, GMK.

Renowned for pioneering Turbo since its inception in 1987, Dominique Chapatte has etched his name as the show’s creator, presenter, and producer. This luminary figure in the automotive sphere has been the driving force behind Turbo’s prominence, earning it the esteemed status as M6’s flagship show. In fact the channel had celebrated Turbo’s 35th anniversary with an exclusive show dedicated to Chapatte, featuring Karim Benzema as a special guest.

On the opposite end is Monaco’s automotive influencer GMK, the YouTube sensation whose influence transcends the French-speaking world. With a base in Monaco, GMK is hailed as the foremost automotive influencer in France, commanding a staggering 2.6 million followers on Instagram and over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. As the ambassador of Top Marques, GMK’s charismatic vlogs, specializing in luxury, racing, and rare cars, have garnered attention, even earning GMK an audience with Prince Albert II.

The latest Turbo episode tantalizingly captures GMK’s passionate journey within Monaco’s prestigious circles. An embodiment of childhood dreams realized, GMK’s involvement in the show mirrors a fairytale come true, a sentiment echoed nostalgically by the influencer himself.

The episode showcases a riveting test drive of the 2023 Audi R8 GT, a limited-edition masterpiece boasting a commanding V10 internal combustion engine and a production run limited to 333 units globally. With a price range from $161,395 to $253,290, the R8 GT stands as a pinnacle of automotive excellence, eagerly awaited in its prospective electric iteration.

The marriage of Dominique Chapatte’s seasoned expertise, GMK’s Monaco-rooted influence, and the Audi R8 GT’s exceptional performance gave us an enthralling episode immersed in Monaco’s automotive glory on Turbo’s captivating display of passion, sharing, and intimate connections.

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