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Two Million Euros in Renovations for Monaco’s Schools

Many students had a nice surprise this back-to-school season when they walked into a building that was freshly renovated over the summer, with a curriculum that includes new and engaging activities. Over the last few months, the State spent 2 million euros on various renovations for Monaco’s schools.

Kids get their hands dirty and learn about nature

A new extracurricular program for elementary schools promises hands-on activities for young students. The National Education Department established a partnership with Terre de Monaco, a start-up headed by Jessica Sbaraglia which creates urban vegetable gardens in the Principality. The objective is to help young people become more aware organic farming, while learning about a healthy and balanced diet, food waste and how nature works.

Renovations for Monaco’s Schools

Theatre based on Memoirs from Prince Albert I

A new play for college students based on ‘Memoirs of a Navigator, Prince Albert I’ is on the agenda for this year. The show revolves around major issues related to homelessness, nomadism, and expeditions. The opportunity may also inspire students to learn about other cultures. A musical game show for students, featuring musicians from the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra is also on the cards for this school year.

Mindfulness exercises

With the help of Sandra Meunier, art therapist, elementary school children will be invited to participate in calming breathing exercises, with their eyes closed, to learn about being present and mindful.

The National Education Department is also developing activities themed around the government’s mental health plan this year. Topics include the prevention of addictive behaviour, hygiene and well-being, stress and conflict management.

Renovations for Monaco’s Schools

A list of renovations: Every school gets an update

Workers were extra busy this summer updating and renovating schools around the Principality. The entire fourth floor of École des Révoires has been renovated, including the floors, false ceilings, new electrical work and the replacement of the fire system for five classrooms and a fresh coat of paint. École du Parc had their courtyard covering on level 3 repaired and added a new sanitary facility for people with reduced mobility.

Fontvieille school got a fresh coat of paint and had their hot water tanks replaced and connected to the waste recovery centre. Solar panels were installed on the roof terraces of the primary side, producing 18% of the school’s electricity needs.

The gymnasium and administration offices of FANB School (Monaco-ville) have been given a facelift. In the North wing, six classrooms were renovated and all the false ceilings have been changed. A UV filter was also placed at the entrances to the dining hall. Albert-I high school has a new rear gate and the main staircase has been renovated. A new computer classroom was created at the Lycée Technique et Hotelier.

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