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Upcoming Changes as Monaco heads into Digital Transition

The digital transition has been steadily changing our way of life in Monaco, with more changes on the horizon. Almost three years ago, the transition, also known as Extended Monaco, has been accelerated due to Covid-19. In many countries around the globe, the pandemic has demonstrated a need for efficient and secure digital infrastructures, and the Principality is right on the digital leading edge when compared with other European countries.

A Brief Summary: 5G, E-resident card and Blue Fund already in place

Monaco was the first country to launch 5G in 2019. Although many people can’t use the advanced technology yet, personal devices are quickly catching up. Last March, Monaco announced the “e-resident” card, allowing Monegasques to log into administrative and private services. In May, €20 million were allocated into the “Blue Fund” to help local businesses transition into the digital sphere with the help of other local digital experts. And, more recently, 2021 saw the launch of the first stage of a medical portal for access to healthcare in the Principality, with more than 30,000 appointments managed online.

On the horizon: Medical Portal, Traffic Sensors, Smart City and much more…

The Minister of State, Pierre Dartout, recently reiterated the desire to continue building the Monegasque medical portal, to streamline the interaction between patients, health professionals and healthcare organizations. By the end of this year, two additional services will complete this portal: teleconsultation and secure health messaging.

Monegasque seniors will also benefit from a new platform bringing together all those involved in home care, to provide more efficient home monitoring and avoid hospitalization. (The average age for entering an adapted health facility is currently 87 years old.)

To alleviate the country’s recurring congestion during rush hour, connected sensors will be set up, particularly at green lights. These sensors will help improve the flow of traffic in the Principality, offer visibility and the possibility of reserving parking spaces and outdoor delivery.

Every current service and procedures for the inhabitants of Monaco is set to be digitized by the end of 2022. These services include the management and allocation of state apartments, school enrolments and scholarships. A ‘Tell Us Once’ service is also in the works for major life events so the public will only have to declare a move, marriage or birth once for it to be accepted throughout the administration.

Today in Monaco, each urban planning decision is anticipated, modelled and explained to the population thanks to the smart city. Every square centimetre of the Principality has been uploaded into a digital model which allows the government to test the impact of a new structure before implementing it in the real world. Before launching a cycle path, a double lane or a new building, for example, the digital model of the Principality can determine its impact in terms of noise or traffic.

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