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Venturi Automobiles inaugurate New Headquarters

Venturi Automobiles, the iconic electric vehicle manufacturer, recently inaugurated their new headquarters in Monaco. This year, Venturi electric is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a freshly designed new home. The inauguration of the new headquarters was held in the presence of Gildo Pallanca Pastor, owner of Venturi, as well as Venturi’s race car drivers, members of the press and invited guests.

Venturi’s New Home in Monaco

Still situated at 7 rue de Gabion, the new space was developed by designer Sacha Lakic with Venturi’s image in mind.  According to designer Sacha Lakic, the space evokes a natural atmosphere, which can be seen with its wooden patterns and use of bamboo, as well as an industrial look, with the use of bare concrete and visible ventilation shafts.  The curved lines used in the space evoke speed and movement.  The ceiling was designed to look like waves, resembling air rippling out of a fast engine.  The new HQ is home to Venturi, Voxan Motors (electric motorcycles) and the ROKiT Formula E team.


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Опубликовано Venturi Понедельник, 9 марта 2020 г.

Present in Monaco since the early 2000’s, the brand made a radical move by making all of its productions exclusively electric.  Its new, upcoming projects include Venturi Antarctica and a new electric model with new features.  According to Gildo Pallanca Pastor, owner of Venturi, there’s always new world records to beat, with two new speed record attempts on the horizon.

The Venturi VVB3 is the fastest electric vehicle in the world.  It established the world record in 2010 near Salt Lake City when it reached an astounding 549.4 km/h (with a top peak speed of 576 km/h).

Venturi’s New Home in Monaco

Venturi’s new headquarters also house a mechanics workshop, hidden from view, where the Voxan Wattman is currently being built. The motorcycle, made in Monaco, will attempt to set a new world speed record in Bolivia this July (the existing record is 330 km/h).

Venturi’s new space embodies the Monegasque-based manufacturer’s core values: innovation, technology, and environmental responsibility.

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