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Violence against Women: Slightly Higher in Monaco in 2022

The Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights and the IMSEE have published a report on violence against women in Monaco, for the fourth consecutive year. This latest publication presents the main data available during the year 2022 and sums up rates of violence according to various measurable statistics.

The figures show more cases of violence against women in 2022 compared to the previous year. However, the numbers are marginally higher and, according to Céline Cottalorda, Interministerial Delegate for Women’s Rights, can be seen as, “stable”. Stable figures, nonetheless, demonstrate that the issue is still present and needs to be addressed. Violence against women is a major public health problem and a violation of human rights.

The information was collected and analyzed by the IMSEE (Monegasque Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) from various reference sources in the Principality, such as the Department of Public Security, Department of Judicial Services, Princess Grace Hospital Centre, Department of Social Action and Assistance (DASO), Association for Assistance to Victims of Criminal Offenses (AVIP).

The study published the following figures:

  • According to the police services, 33 acts of violence were committed against women on Monegasque territory in 2022 compared to 23 in 2021. In 55% of cases, it was physical violence.

• 41 proceedings were opened by the courts (compared to 38 in 2021), including 13 for acts committed in 2021. 2 convictions were upheld and 8 cases were dismissed.

• In addition, 56 women were admitted to the CHPG having suffered violence, compared to 41 in 2021, of which 68% was for physical violence.

  • Finally, AVIP received 44 women victims of violence (compared to 36 in 2021) and DASO identified 7 cases of violence in 2022.

According Céline Cottalorda, Interministerial Delegate for Women’s Rights, “This year, the number of reports is quite stable. It is always difficult to interpret these figures which only reflect the visible part of the phenomenon. We would like to remind everyone that no victim of violence is alone and that it is never too late to speak up or to be heard. This study also emphasizes the fact that we must continue to fight against violence against women and to implement all possible measures to achieve this.”

In 2023, the IMSEE will be setting up a new, secure data collection platform. “This tool will make it possible to identify all cases of violence, not just those committed against women, with the aim of putting all violence into perspective in relation to that committed against the female population,” said Alexandre Bubbio, Director of the IMSEE.

The new publication is currently available in its entirety on the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights website ( and on the IMSEE website ( in French and in English.

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