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What Does the Future Hold for Restaurant du Métropole Monte-Carlo?

It was 15 glorious years, until Joel Robuchon’s sad passing in 2018, that his restaurants had adorned the Metropole Hotel Palace. It was as if Casino square demanded that its frontiers would be always embellished by restaurants from chefs with the most stars in the world. The Hotel de Paris’ Louis Quinze and Métropole’s Restaurant (Joel Robuchon) almost winking at each other. 

Two years later, here we are in September 2020 and this fairy tale gourmet scene is no more – at least formally – as the Métropole changes direction and ends it contract with Luxembourg’s Epicure Group who in 2016 reportedly came to hold the licence rights to Joel Robuchon’s starry empire of around 15 restaurants around the world. 

Diners will be greatly relieved to discover however that their gourmet experiences at the Metropole are virtually guaranteed to continue with chef Christophe Cussac and his team still securely in place – those same talented hands that guided the Michelin two star flagship since 2006 and the starred Yoshi since 2008. 

What Does the Future Hold for “Restaurant du Métropole Monte-Carlo"?

And there is renewed excitement around which other world-renowned Chefs may wish to make a nest and associate around the Restaurant du Métropole Monte-Carlo.

Meanwhile the rumour mill is already imagining that the restaurant’s decor, part of the stage originally set by the famous decorator Jacques Garcia, could be in for an intriguing renaissance. 

Time will tell. 

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