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The Woman Behind the Public Image: A Tribute to Princess Grace at the Irish Library

HelloMonaco recently had the honor of visiting the Princess Grace Irish Library and sharing a conversation with its director, Paula Farquharson. Our talk felt like an invitation to step into a journey through time. The library, inaugurated by Prince Rainier III in 1984 as a tribute to his late wife Princess Grace and her strong connection to Ireland, provides a unique window into history. Within its walls, it houses a personal collection of Princess Grace’s books, including a first edition of Ulysses, and features unique photographs of Princess Grace Kelly.

Tribute to Princess Grace at the Irish Library
Paula Farquharson, Director of the Princess Grace Kelly Irish Library
Tribute to Princess Grace at the Irish Library
Ulysses First Edition #312, published 1922, Photo credit: Princess Grace Irish Library

Paula also shared the exciting news that, as the library prepares for its 40th anniversary, it will be hosting special screenings of the “Her Name was Grace Kelly” documentary. This 54-minute film, directed by Serge de Sampigny and produced by Patrick Spica Productions, is a heartfelt tribute to Grace Kelly. It offers an exclusive look into the life of Princess Grace, thanks to a unique partnership with the Principality of Monaco.

Tribute to Princess Grace at the Irish Library
HSH Prince Albert II and JB Kelly, Newport, Mayo, Ireland. Photo credit: Edward Reid

Insights into “Her Name was Grace Kelly”

The documentary takes a close look at Princess Grace’s personal home videos, sharing her life story through the eyes of those close to her. Opening up their private archives, the Grimaldi family shares moments never seen before. It begins with home movies dating back to 1932, filmed by Grace’s father. The progression continues with 8mm, 16mm, and super-8 films, capturing intimate moments of their family and friends, all contributing to the story in a more personal way.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II
H.S.H. Prince Albert II grants an interview to Mr. Serge de Sampigny in the Cinema Room of the Prince’s Palace.
Copyright : Axel Bastello / Palais princier

Grace Kelly, known as one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, goes beyond her Hollywood fame. While her life and career are well-documented, “Her Name was Grace Kelly” aims to reveal the untold story about the woman behind the public image. This documentary promises a fresh perspective, weaving in exclusive interviews with those close to Grace, including her family, Prince Albert of Monaco, and her friends.

As the library announces its first screening this December, the documentary is more than just a visual experience; it’s a heartfelt tribute to Princess Grace’s enduring legacy. The library envisions regular screenings throughout next year, providing audiences with a unique chance to immerse themselves in the extraordinary life of a legend marked by tragedy.

The upcoming screening of “Her Name was Grace Kelly” adds a touching chapter to this legacy, inviting the Monaco community to connect with the personal moments of a beloved icon.

The library has become a living reflection to Princess Grace. As visitors step through its doors, they are not just entering a collection of books and films; they are entering into the essence of a remarkable woman whose life story continues to charm hearts around the world.

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