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World Festival of Amateur Theatre comes to Monaco

Theatre lovers will be happy to know that the 17th World Festival of Amateur Theatre will take place in Monaco from 17-22 August 2021. Every 4 years since 1957, this international event, organized by the Studio de Monaco, brings artists from around the globe together for workshops, performances and awards.

This year, the oldest international cultural event in the Principality will gather 190 performers from 15 countries at the Festival Village, located at the Théâtre des Variétés and the Princess Grace Theatre. Held under the High Patronage of the Prince of Monaco, the festival is also a chance for the AITA/IATA to hold its 37th World Congress. 200 volunteers will be tirelessly helping put on the free event.

Less of a competition, more of a gathering

From Argentina to Russia, from Cuba to the UK, from the Central African Republic to the USA, each National Group will receive an ‘Hommage du Festival’ award, specially created by Monegasque sculptor Marcel Sbirazzoli.

Over the years, the World Festival of Amateur Theatre has expanded to include “Colloquia” and Workshops. The Colloquia are an opportunity for artists to discuss their performances with critics, directors, actors and audience members.

What’s with the mask?

Every afternoon from 2:30pm to 5:00 pm, workshops directed by Francesco Facciolli and Scilla Sticchi (Italy), and Katrien Vanreusel (Belgium) will be taking place. The first workshop deals with the idea of masks and how actors can use certain restrictions to their advantage. Covering an actor’s facial expression forces them to rethink their stage presence and use of gestures.

The second workshop will deal with grand narratives, visual storytelling and physical play. Starting with scenes from well-known plays from our collective memory such as Hamlet, Macbeth and Death of a Salesman, the workshop has the ultimate goal of creating a language which transcends long-established vernacular.

Free performances

Access to the shows is free, however, audience members must reserve their seats by email or by telephone. Performances take place every evening from 6 pm with three groups performing per evening.

For more info and to book your free tickets, visit:

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