Monaco’s Mairie Gives A Heart-Felt Welcome To 50 Families Proudly Bearing Their First Child

Did you know there is a beautiful Monegasque custom to welcome the birth of a first child? It is a custom deeply embedded in the values of the community and cherished and honoured by the Mairie and the Monaco City Council. 

It is in the charmingly named “Cour d’Honneur” where on June 13th an honour was bestowed on the Monegasque families who welcomed their first child between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019 (50 registered births in all). This warm reception took place in the Courtyard of the Town Hall with its beautiful resplendent mature olive tree.

Organized every year since 2015, the celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marks the great event that is the birth of the first child and this tradition is reflected in the policy implemented by the Communal Council for families.

“The Town Hall is present alongside young parents from the birth of their child, and early childhood is more than ever at the heart of our priorities,” said Mayor George Marsan in his speech before recalling that this reception was part of the traditional framework reflected in the policy put in place by the Communal Council for families.

“In order to affirm this commitment, we in wanted to dedicate a service to these actions: the Early Childhood and Family Service, led by Jean-Luc Magnani under the leadership of my dynamic assistant, Chloé BoscagliLeclercq. This Service is committed to responding to requests for crèche places and to ensuring that the Government takes into account future needs in this area“.

Georges Marsan warmly congratulated the happy parents before giving them a personalized gift, specially created for the occasion, one for each each family: a blanket presented in a small bag literally translated in Monegasque “U me sacchetin“, which means “a little child not yet able to walk.”

There was then a reception that continued in a very friendly atmosphere around pleasant exchanges between the families and with the members of the Communal Council – and, of course, without forgetting souvenir photos.

Present from the Monaco City Council were Mayor Georges Marsan, accompanied by his Deputies Marjorie Crovetto Harroch, Jacques Pastor, Chloé BoscagliLeclercq and Melanie Flachaire, Councilor Communal.

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