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Prince Albert and President of Colombia bond over Peace and Sport

Prince Albert arrived in Cartagena, Colombia on Sunday and was welcomed by President Juan Manuel Santos. The pair wasted no time before signing agreements between the two countries to promote economic exchanges, investment, science and the protection of the oceans.  The Prince and the President then launched the 2018 edition of the White Card campaign, created by the Monegasque Peace and Sport organization.

The President of Colombia (Nobel Peace Prize winner) and Prince Albert II bonded on the subject of sport as an important tool to promote peace. President Santos mentioned Falcao in his official speech, saying that the captain of AS Monaco is a national hero in his native country and that fifty-million Colombians carry Monaco in their hearts.

Prince ALbert colombia white card
Prince ALbert in Colombia holding a white
Peace and Sport white card
Peace and Sport white card

Didier Drogba, one of the best soccer players in the world, gave a beach soccer workshop for Colombian children with Peace and Sport. The children learned how to play football without any equipment, building goals with fishing nets and making balls with fabric and recycled materials. The idea was to create communal work, but above all, it was a way to steer the children out of violent situations. When speaking to the children, Didier Drogba found out that violence is part of their daily lives, but when they play sports, the children feel happy. The operation, with the support of Prince Albert II and the President of Colombia has the long-term goal of giving 100% of children access to sports.

Didier Drogba Colombia Peace and Sport

Prince Albert II meets the Kogi People

The Sovereign Prince’s visit continued in Santa Marta, where he visited Invemar, an institute specializing in marine ecosystems, which has discovered 26 animal species.  The Sovereign then took part in a regional congress on ocean acidification. The delegation then visited the Sierra Nevada and the Kogi people, who live within nature, with rituals and traditions characterized by a strong and sensitive link to the earth.

Prince Albert and President of Colombia travel to visit ancient lost city and Kogi people
Prince Albert and President of Colombia travel to visit an ancient lost city and Kogi people@

The Prince believes that Colombia is on a new path, becoming a country which cares for its youth and its exceptional environment with its extraordinary biodiversity.  Prince Albert said that he was very happy that the President was able to serve as a guide across different communities in the Sierra Nevada, meeting people who are concerned about the environment and its degradation.  The Prince hopes that he can help the environment, and in turn, help the Kogi people see the future with more serenity.

Prince Albert meets Kogi people
Prince Albert meets Kogi

Annual Monaco Private Label Summit in Palm Beach

Prince Albert II visited Palm Beach, Florida for the sixth annual Monaco Private Label Summit. The event promoted Monaco’s assets to 250 entrepreneurs from 24 countries.  The theme for this year’s event was innovation, with highlights including a lunch debate, moderated by Jean Castellini, Government Counsellor-Minister of Finance and Economy and a charity gala dinner and auction.  Exclusive experiences were auctioned off to the highest bidders, including a private dinner at the Hotel de Paris, a private concert at the Prince’s Palace and VIP access to the next Monaco Grand Prix.  The event raised $130,000, which will fund three projects from the Prince Albert II Foundation.

Monaco Private Label Summit
Monaco Private Label Summit
Monaco Private Label Summit
Lori Berg, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Michel Bouquier, and Steven Stolman at a dinner honoring the mission of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Fondation.
Monaco Private Label Summit
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Pamela Fiori

Prince Albert II learns about Princess Alice in New Orleans

The Sovereign Prince traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to pay tribute to Alice Heine, the first princess of Monaco born in the United States.  New Orleans is known for its Afro-American music and colonial French architecture, but little is known about Princess Alice, an all-but-forgotten figure in Monaco’s history.  Prince Albert II was able to visit the house she was born in and learnt her real birth date, which has been unknown until now.  Princess Alice’s birth home, located at 900 Rue Royale has become a restored heritage building, which the Prince discovered through a guided visit.  The Prince then unveiled a commemorative plaque to honour Princess Alice. Prince Albert was moved by the visit, which revived the link between New Orleans and Monaco.

Princess Alice of Monaco
Princess Alice of
Prince ALbert unveils Princess Alice plaque
Prince ALbert unveils Princess Alice
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