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Prince Albert supports an Antarctic athletic Adventure and other princely news

Alsatian Hussars change guard with the Princes Carabinieri

On the Place du Palais Princier, Prince Albert joined the sound of trumpets where a hundred people gathered to witness the changing of the princes carabinieri guard, with a special twist.  The Princes Carabinieri changed guard with the Alsatian hussars of Altkirch, after being invited to the Gala of Princes and Princesses.  At 11:30 am, a dozen men in traditional Napoleonic era costumes, trumpets in hand, carried out the first orders of the conductor in perfect unity.

Quel Honneur pour notre Club Alsacien de Monaco et pour les Hussards d’Altkirch!Merci beaucoup Monseigneur

Опубликовано Club Alsacien de Monaco Понедельник, 17 февраля 2020 г.


In 2015, Prince Albert II had invited the traditional Alsatian brass band for a gala. Since then, links between these two cultures have been forged over the last several years.  The Alsatian Club has existed in Monaco for 7 years. The Prince attends the Clubs evenings and events two or three times a year.  

On social media, the Alsatian Club thanked the Prince by posting: What an honor for our Alsatian Club in Monaco and for the Hussars of Altkirch!  Thank you very much Monseigneur.

Prince Albert supports an Antarctic Athletic Adventure

On Monday 17 February, Prince Albert II received athletes Pascal Olmeta and Christophe Santini at the palace.  Christophe Santini, a high-level triathlete, will soon be tackling a new challenge next November: breaking the world record for distance traveled on skis in Antarctica.  Hes aiming for a 1,150 km solo journey in less than 50 days, in frigid temperatures nearing -40 degrees celsius.

Опубликовано Palais Princier de Monaco – Prince's Palace of Monaco Понедельник, 17 февраля 2020 г.

Christophe Santini is making the trek in support of Pascal Olmetas association.  The former goalkeepers A smile, a Hope for Lifehelps children with serious illnesses.

Prince Albert II, who visited the scientific bases at the South Pole in January 2009, wished to support the athletes extraordinary adventure.

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