AS Monaco Player Keita Baldé’s Heavenly Gesture

Keita Baldé the Senagalese attacking player at AS Monaco has jumped to the aid of his fellow men who travel to Spain to work in the fields in the agricultural season which started June 1st.

But they had nowhere to stay. It’s a tough life working relentlessly 12 hours a day – the migrant workers’ life is no dream. Keita Baldé to the rescue.

After several attempts he reportedly has managed to rent a three story building to put a roof over the heads of at least 90 out of 200 of his countrymen. 

Famous Soccer Players like Keita Baldé are showing they can make a difference and not just on the European Continent.

In the U.K. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been forced into a humbling U-turn over providing food vouchers for some of England’s poorest families after a campaign launched by the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford threatened to engulf his government in another crisis.

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