AS Monaco unveils details of the oncoming season

Appointed sporting director of AS Monaco, Paul Mitchell answered questions from the press and revealed his goals with the club. He was accompanied by Oleg Petrov, Vice-President and CEO of AS Monaco.

Former technical director of Red Bull’s football division and  former head of recruitment and development at RB Leipzig, Paul Mitchell spoke of the relationship he already has with AS Monaco coach Robert Moreno, according to the website of the AS Monaco.

AS Monaco about details of the oncoming season

“With Paul Mitchell arriving a fortnight ago, we have had about fifteen meetings already. We speak every day, this is the normal relationship that the coach of a team must have with his sporting director. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with Paul. We need to have this structure to be a successful team. We started working from day one with Oleg Petrov and Paul Mitchell,” said Robert Moreno.

To conclude his presentation, new sporting director of AS Monaco stressed the importance of working hard to succeed for the club’s position in the table but also about the season to come and his objectives with AS Monaco.

AS Monaco about details of the oncoming season

“I was struck, in a positive way by the way the club welcomed me. I found a level of determination and ambition among all those who work at AS Monaco. We will all work hard to bring improvement and consistency, working within the same infrastructure, in a transparent and coherent way because this is important for me. I think the club has gone through some turbulence in recent years. For this summer we have a very clear, well-established plan: we know where we want to get to, but for that we need patience. We want to permanently reinstall AS Monaco at the top of the table, which dictates what we do every day. We do not want our choices to be dictated by changes made too suddenly and decisions that we may regret later,” told Paul Mitchell.

AS Monaco about details of the oncoming season

Then AS Monaco coach gave an update on the return to the pitch, on the squad, and detailed his principles of training. He told reporters that AS Monaco leaves to Poland where five friendly matches will be held, including one against Cercle Brugge on July 17th.

“It will be my first preseason with the whole team. With this difficult situation and COVID, I had the opportunity to analyze everything that we did during the past season, and it allowed me to learn the French league even better. Now I have this time that all coaches would like to have to give information to their players and improve their performance. I look at this situation with optimism. I always look for the positives in a situation to explain to my players that what I hope from them is  that in having the time to work together every day comes the desire to win every game. We are in a different situation from what may seem normal with what happened and we will have to adapt. We will therefore carry out an eight-week training program. In connection with the medical staff, we decided to have 5 phases in the pre-season: this week, it’s time for strength training for everyone,” explained Robert Moreno.

AS Monaco about details of the oncoming season

Moreover, the coach said that he is looking for a third goalkeeper for the squad.

“We have two goalkeepers: Lecomte and Majecki. Experience is something you can gain from matches and performances. We have to get a third goalkeeper, we have a lot of possibilities. We talked about it with Paul Mitchell and Oleg Petrov, we will try to get the best possible player for the club. This third goalkeeper will compete with the other two and if I can have three top goalies it will be the best thing for everyone. We also have Loic Badiashile; it will be difficult for me to choose,” concluded the coach.


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