Charles and Arthur LeClerc at the E-Sports Racing Wheel for Princess Grace Hospital

Monaco Grand Prix season is upon us. And even with this year’s race cancelled there is a special feeling of expectation. Fortunately Charles LeClerc and brother Arthur are indeed at the racing wheel this Saturday to fill the gap at the start of this special weekend. When the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying trials should be taking place they will, in fact, still be racing to qualify. How can this be? 

It’s all to raise funds for Princess Grace Hospital. If you are a racing enthusiast you will have already noticed that Charles LeClerc has turned heads, while the F1 season has been in the doldrums, with his mastery of the racing machine simulator. He has been beating up all-comers in F1 E-sports Virtual Grand Prix racing series which is a serious competitive sport with the world’s best. Formula 1 Grand Prix new generation pilots rival each other with a no-holds-barred competitive spirit.

Charles and Arthur LeClerc at the E-Sports Racing Wheel

Monaco Federation of e-sports together with Monaco e-sports Club came up with the idea to leverage Monaco’s celebrity athletes in a number of “virtual” simulated events for charity. It’s called Play4Good (#Play4Good). Soccer, basketball and shooting have all been on the calendar – but the epic event has to be car racing. 

And that brings in not only the big stars in the racing world but also mega sponsors like PlayStation France who have enthusiasts surpassing millions on social networks following their events – reportedly almost 2 million on Facebook and over a million on Twitter. 

Especially for this Monaco event they are going to be beaming the action across several platforms so that enthusiasts can watch the likes of Charles and Arthur and 10 other Monegasque racing drivers in action. There is an ironic twist to all this. The spirit of the 78th Monaco Grand Prix will be all around but due to brand ownership issues PlayStation are actually having the pilots compete on the “Gran Turismo Sport” game’s simulated circuits which do not actually include the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Charles and Arthur LeClerc at the E-Sports Racing Wheel

The whole idea is to raise funds for Princess Grace Hospital with celebrity skills being put to the test – all providing excitement and fun to everyone watching. Our imaginations can take over. 

Details of time and where to view:

Saturday May 23rd at 6.30 pm

#LiveFromMonaco GT Series

Broadcast Live on the Official Channels of the Federation and PlayStation: 

#LiveFromMonaco GT Series

There are three rounds, trials, qualifying and finally the 30 minute race itself. 

YouTube Channel (Monaco E-Sports Federation)


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