Monaco Figure Skating Reaches New Highs in Europe. Next the World Championships?

Monaco Figure Skating reaches new highs. After a success in the European Championships in Tallinn it is the World Championships and the Olympics in Milan and Cortina that are next in sight for Davide Lewton Brain.

The figure skater managed to put in a career high performance in Tallinn that led to the latest breakthrough. He was breathtakingly on the cusp of moving into the Top 20 in Europe and in the end pulled off the achievement. All the more credit to him against the giants in the sport like Russian skaters who train from age four whereas Davide emerged as having potential only after 11 years old. 

So after good results at the European Championships, Davide who trains in Annecy is aiming for the World Skating Championships during March, from the 21st to the 27th. That is the first stepping stone to hope to qualify for the 2026 Olympics in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The stars were aligned for Davide as he competed in Tallinn all week, returning to Monaco from (19th in the last round there), with a very well deserved Top 20 place.

He had started with the short program, managing to qualify for the free program, finishing 21 out of 33. Two years ago, the Monegasque skater had just missed progressing into the top elite. This time, by performing the short program with the help of one of today’s greatest choreographers, Benoit Richaud he propelled himself into contention and succeeded finally to make the Top 20 in Europe. 

Hopefully he can finish the season on a high. The 23-year-old Nice native will have to qualify in the next two or three competitions, to access the world championships in Montpellier. 

Davide’s parents were dancers from the Ballets de Monte-Carlo. To participate in this year’s world championships he must earn points in two competitions in Sofia in Bulgaria, and in Ljubljana in Slovenia.

It’s a great challenge given that Davide does not have a quadruple jump or a triple axel. So there is extra pressure on him to perform a perfect program without error. But where there is a will there’s a way. 

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