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Grimaldi Family

From Grimaldo to Grimaldi

The statue of Francesco Grimaldi

The Principality of Monaco has more than seven centuries of history. During this time, the ruling dynasty of Grimaldi transformed a small territory between France and Italy into a paradise, today, Monaco is the top destination foe luxury, success and prosperity. To find out where it all started, let’s go back a few centuries ago, to June 1215. That’s when …

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Prince Honore III: one of the longest reigns in European history

Prince Honore III

Prince Honore III was born on November 10, 1720 and after coming to the Monegasque throne in 1733 he reigned for nearly 60 years; one of the longest reigns in European history. He came to the throne just after turning 14 when his father, Prince Jacques I, abdicated. Prince Honore III spent much of his time away on campaign with …

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Prince Honore IV: Prisoner of the French Revolution

Honore IV

Honore IV was born on May 17, 1758 in Paris, to his parents Prince Honore III and Princess Maria-Caterina de Brignole-Sale. This prince, perhaps, experienced more life challenges than any other Grimaldi. Most of his hardships were caused by the French Revolution. He was unlucky enough to be living in Paris when the reign of terror broke out in France. …

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Grimaldi Family: legacy of Prince Honoré V

Prince Honoré V

Prince Honoré-Gabriel was born in Paris on May 14, 1778, the eldest son of Prince Honoré IV of Monaco and Princess Louise Felicite Victoire d’Aumont, Duchesse de Mazarin et de La Meilleraye. He enlisted in a French cavalry regiment when he was 20 years old and worked his way up through the ranks by his own merits until he became …

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Florestan I – A prince of Monaco through no choice of his own

Florestan I

HelloMonaco continues its series about the rulers of Monaco and today we will introduce you to Florestan I who was in power from 1841 to 1856. It must be said that little information is available about this Prince. Perhaps because he managed to lose more than half of his territory, namely: Menton and Roquebrune. Even though these two cities officially …

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