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Grimaldi Family

Charles I – the First Ruler to Establish Monaco as an Independent State


Charles I, Lord of Monaco is often seen as the founder of the Grimaldi dynasty.  And he was the first ruler to establish Monaco as an independent state under Grimaldi rule. Charles I was the eldest son of Rainier I and his first wife, Salvatica del Carretto. Prior to coming to power, the Genoese seized control of the Rock on …

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Rainier I – the first lord of Monaco

Rainier I

In the first issue of HelloMonaco magazine, we introduced you to the founders of the Principality of Monaco, Otto Canella (Consul of the Republic of Genoa) and his youngest son, Grimaldo Canella. The story continues… Thanks to their status, the family became known as Grimaldi, bringing forth the legendary Francesco Grimaldi. He learned the nickname «The Sly» after deceivingly conquering …

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Prince Jacques I of Monaco: Prior Owner of Matignon, the French Prime Minister’s Residence in Paris

Jacques and Hypolite Monaco Channel

You may wonder what is the link between the Princes of Monaco and Matignon, the French Prime Minister’s residence in Paris. And why does the Prince of Monaco also have the title Sire of Matignon. It all goes back to the first decades of the 1700s when the Grimaldi Prince, Antoine I of Monaco had no male heirs in line …

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From Grimaldo to Grimaldi

The statue of Francesco Grimaldi

The Principality of Monaco has more than seven centuries of history. During this time, the ruling dynasty of Grimaldi transformed a small territory between France and Italy into a paradise, today, Monaco is the top destination foe luxury, success and prosperity. To find out where it all started, let’s go back a few centuries ago, to June 1215. That’s when …

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Prince Honore III: one of the longest reigns in European history

Prince Honore III

Prince Honore III was born on November 10, 1720 and after coming to the Monegasque throne in 1733 he reigned for nearly 60 years; one of the longest reigns in European history. He came to the throne just after turning 14 when his father, Prince Jacques I, abdicated. Prince Honore III spent much of his time away on campaign with …

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