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Alcohol Releases Vicious Demons and A Record Fine

What Offence Will Yield a Record Fine

Possibly a record fine. Perhaps it was influenced by the high earnings of a businessman in Monaco – with a salary in excess of 500.000€ a year. He had had his driving license confiscated in the East of Europe for driving under the influence. Worried about not being able to drive in Monaco he applied for a replacement driving license and received one. So far so good, except he made a false declaration claiming to have lost his license and not mentioning that it had in fact been confiscated. It turned out to be a costly error of judgement. The Monaco judge was stern and unamused by the false declaration to obtain the substitute copy of his driving license in Monaco. It could have yielded a jail sentence; instead it yielded what could be close to a record fine of 6000 euros.

Law and Order

A Fake Drug Trade Ends Up in Chaos and an Injured Bystander

Not exactly a conventional drug trade. In fact it was a fake-trade that went wrong. A man in his 20s, known for channels to drugs, was approached outside Grimaldi Forum on the esplanade during a convention. He went to his car, crushed a generic pain-killing tablet into powder and sold it to his dupe for 150€. The dupe was not quite so stupid and attacked the dealer on a staircase at the convention Centre for dealing him the fake substance. In the fight that followed the “dealer” tumbled down the staircase under a hail of fisticuffs taking with him an innocent young female bystander. The young lady ended up in hospital from her fall, injured seriously enough to be eight days off work recuperating. The Court discovered the accused had several prior convictions related to drugs. The injury to the young lady probably led the Judge to increase the request for a ten day suspended jail sentence to 15 days. 1500 euros was also levied for the injury in advance of an expert assessment.

Law and Order

A Vicious Attack as Alcohol Released the Demons Within Her 

The fourth glass of alcohol, two thirty in the morning in a bar near the port and a young woman went berserk! She attacked a man in the midriff with her teeth, ripped his clothes and set about bruising him. According to her, she was a friend of his girlfriend and was offended when he made advances to her. He ended up with an emergency visit to the hospital and a day signed-off work recuperating. The barman had had to subdue the violent young lady until the police arrived – with some difficulty, one might add! For his effort to restrain her she threatened to have friends burn down the bar. Alcohol released the demons within her and that cost her a month’s suspended jail sentence and damages greater than the 500 euros requested for the ripped designer gear of her victim. 

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