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Couples in Love-Hate Relationships That End Up Violence

International Women’s Day coincided with a Violent assault on a Wife

Sad irony that a woman be attacked on International Women’s Day. The husband in his thirties had lost all control during an argument with his wife and had tried to strangle her to silence her.

It had already been a verbally violent dispute at three in the morning which disturbed neighbours who called the police. Due to infidelities, the couple had separated previously but were giving their relationship another chance. Except that evening they kindled their fires of passion by listing their prior lovers. Enough to inflame the husband who grasped his wife by the neck and squeezed until she lost consciousness. Eventually she had recounted the incident at the police station which led to the Court case.

The culprit made the mistake of not turning up in Court to what was a grave assault against a female. The Court was so troubled by the incident that they doubled the prosecution’s request of 3 months prison and sentenced the culprit to 6 months jail.

Love-Hate and Mutual Violence Exacerbated by Alcoholic Rage

This time the husband alleged his wife had tried to strangle him after slapping him in the face, at which point he bit her! But this wasn’t these Monegasques only fight. The next time it was he who slapped and pushed her and also pulled her by her hair. Neighbours couldn’t believe the extent of the noise coming from their apartment and called the police – who themselves encountered an appalling after-scene of disorder in the apartment.

Apparently, the couple might still be in love but the man was also in love with alcohol and rarely ate anything nutritious. At the least provocation, he became a volcano. And he had a bad history from time spent in France of convictions for alcohol related offenses including driving drunk.

The Court opted for a suspended sentence of 6 months but with 15 days firm in prison and the obligation to be under treatment for his addiction for two years. He was also ordered to refrain from approaching his wife for 6 months.

A Rare Bag-Snatch Not Far from a Monaco Police Station

“Snatch and Run” thefts are rare in Monaco. And one expects it even less close to a police station – which speaks to the psychological state of the culprit, a young man from Menton.

Under the influence of alcohol and cannabis and psychotropic drugs he snatched a bag from a lady queuing in front of a Boulangerie. Running away he tripped and was held down in a scuffle with passers by at whom he threw some punches.

He had lost his job in a restaurant which closed down during the pandemic and claimed he was desperate to buy a present for his little daughter and had not a penny to his name. A psychiatric exam verified he was a troubled individual addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The young man did express remorse for his actions and had no prior record of crime activity, which possibly reduced the severity of the sanction about to be rendered by the Court. The prosecution argued for 2 months prison followed by a four month suspended sentence and a treatment plan for his addiction. The Court decided instead on a short prison sentence of eight days.

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