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Domestic Disputes: A woman’s life and a man’s private parts under attack

Threatening the life of a woman a rogue is sentenced to jail 

A rather strange case of “verbal assault” by a homeless man from Paris who had subsequently moved in with a woman in the Principality. Both in their forties their relationship was in its third year, but both had serious problems. The man had a record of multiple thefts, the woman a record of chronic alcoholism. They were both well-known to the various authorities. Everything came to a head one day when neighbours heard a loud commotion in their apartment. While there was no clear evidence of physical assault, threats were clearly heard including the man threatening to kill the lady. A neighbour rushed to their apartment to find the woman slumped on the floor and the man in possession of her telephone – such as to deprive her of calling for help. In court the woman claimed she had not been hit but rather collapsed from over-indulgence with alcohol. Nevertheless, the court judged as too dangerous the verbal threat to kill the woman and sentenced the man to 15 days in jail and forbade him to stay in the apartment for the next two years. 

Revenge for an Attack on a Man’s Private Parts 

Launching oneself at a man’s groin and squeezing his private parts is hardly a defensive gesture. This is exactly what the accused did to the new partner of his estranged lady-friend, partly in a dispute with her over visiting their child. But it also wasn’t clear whether the man in defending his private parts and in pain over-reacted. He slapped his assailant to make him release his grip. But there were claims that he then ran after his attacker and kicked him in the rear several times. It was up to the court to apportion the blame. For the attack on the genitals the assailant was fined 1500 euros and there was an additional civil award of compensation of 1500 euros. The victim had been incapacitated and unable to work for over a week. However, the Court obviously felt the victim had partly taken advantage of the situation to get revenge by launching kicks in the rear of the accused. And so the victim was fined 500 euros for his role, though there was only a token civil award in his case of 1 euro. 

A thriving market in stolen credit card details

A crime network dealing in cyber theft of credit card details passing through retailers to banks enabled an unemployed Canadian to have a field day in Europe. He bought an assortment of relatively high value items on credit in Monaco and surrounding towns including sunglasses, watches and clothes. The haul amounted to over 25.000 euros. Fortunately, one of his transactions for over 5.000 euros failed to go through for lack of funds by the genuine card owner who reported the cybertheft to the police. Some deft detective work in Monaco via security cameras spotted a suspicious rental vehicle and led to the arrest. A search of prior criminal activity unearthed a myriad of similar fraudulent transactions in Paris, Germany and the UK. The facts were undeniable. The judge sought to find out if the culprit was part of a criminal ring reselling the stolen merchandise. The criminal swore to be acting for himself only. The result of the Court’s deliberations, an eight month prison sentence.

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