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Domestic Violence and Neglect of Children Met With Severe Sentences

Domestic Violence Aggravated With Revenge Swiftly Dealt With 

It’s hard to refute a case of domestic violence when your estranged wife has a scratched and bruised face that required a medical certificate for two days off work. Drunk and in charge of their three year old the case against the Beausoleil resident appeared watertight: he lost control when his estranged wife arrived to take her turn at looking after the child. It took the police to calm him down, wrestling him to the floor and cuffing him. Two wrongs don’t make a right: the lady’s companion “stuck the boot in” when he was down on the floor. So here both men were before the court for violence. Remarkably, the husband astonished the judge, despite the evidence, by denying having struck his wife in the face, blaming the scratches on the child. At least his estranged wife’s companion admitted kicking the husband when he was on the ground and expressed regret. Neither man would get away scot-free, the husband receiving a three month suspended jail sentence and a 1000 euro fine for damages – and the wife’s companion was on the receiving end of a one month suspended jail sentence

Law and order

Bouncing Multiple Checks is Tantamount to Fraud: Jail Beckons 

A series of financial offenses including bounced checks for over 10.000 euros had all the marks of deliberate malfeasance. Companies registered but then left in neglect, unpaid social charges and purchase of luxury items including expensive watches with “rubber” checks (tantamount to stealing) – there were a litany of offenses. A no-show in court for this Italian in his thirties added disrespect for the law to his financial offenses. Not surprising was the 10.000+ euro award by the Court to the watch seller defrauded by over 10.000 euros. But the additional two-month prison sentence sent a clear message. 

Law and order

Jail for Years of Neglected Support Payments For Children 

Living the high life in Monaco, three bank accounts and making no effort to make court-mandated minimum support payments to cover food for two children of 600 euros a month each and 500 euros for their mother. After several years of missing payments, the mother took the “dad” to Court. In his 50s he had been out of work for 13 years – and that was the brunt of his defense. Unable to earn the salary he used to command in a good position in a bank, how was it possible to pay 1.600 euros a month minimum support. Move out of Monaco, work in the fields was the harsh proposition of the prosecution. The judge sentenced the man to a severe one month on prison, even though the jail-time was suspended, and added a fine of 1000 euros. 

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