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Hitting a Lady or Caressing her Buttocks without consent will land you in Prison

Ukrainian Emigré Violently Assaults His Lady Companion in Monaco

The events in Ukraine made a Ukrainian couple escape to Monaco but an unhealthy relationship that included violence (recorded in the past by Ukrainian courts) continued in the Principality. At one of Monaco’s first class hotels the lady was assaulted in her room after having bought a luxury bag for 10.000 euros. Infuriated by this purchase her companion, drunk and on drugs, cut her bag to ribbons with scissors and a fight ensued continuing into the next day. Eventually the disturbance and violence forced the hotel concierge to call the police. The lady had cuts and bruises to her face purportedly according to the “husband/companion” by a light plastic phone cover thrown at her. Not convinced that the man had not hit her the Court had no tolerance for violence against women. More concerned about the safety of women in the Principality than the story of the background of the war and cultural differences the Court took a very strict view of the affair. Drunkenness, drugs and in particular a violent attack on the woman cost the man a year in prison and three years probation and a restraining order preventing close physical contact with the lady. 

Repeated Drunken Rampages and Collisions while Driving 

Still a young student and yet in front of the Court for the second time for drunk driving. The young Monegasque on each occasion had been multiples in excess of the alcohol limit, had then lost control of his vehicle and damaged property, fortunately he had not wounded anyone. But he was a danger on the road. On this latest occasion he had hit the railings of a public enclosure at about 4am after drinking about seven vodkas. The car was mangled and the hood torn off but he still managed somehow to continue his drunken ride. Later the police intercepted him and his excess of alcohol measured conclusively. The Judge was convinced by the Prosecutor that the young student was a continuing danger to cars and pedestrians. He was sentenced to five days in prison to which were added eight days from the prior suspended sentence which would now have to be served. The circumstances of the prior offense were almost identical which was why the Court was so severe. 

Caressing a lady’s buttocks without consent invites serious hot water

Repeated wandering hands in a night club in Monaco got a man and his friend into trouble. First a hand on the shoulder of one shocked lady. Then eventually a serious offense fondling the buttocks of another frightened and angry young lady especially when also confronted by both the miscreant and his equally threatening friend. Touching lady’s buttocks without permission is a legal offense and on this occasion the young lady was so traumatized by the two violent clubbers that she was off work ill for four days. The drama was sufficiently bad that the discotheque’s security had to remove the two men from the premises. The Court sentenced the man with the wandering hands to one month suspended and his aggressive friend had to pay a civil fine. 

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