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Police Deal with Youthful Mistakes: Cannabis & Car Crashes

Noxious Smell of Cannabis Yields Complaint to Police

One and a half kilos of cannabis consumed over three years by a young Monegasque. A serious addiction was evident. But his addiction was troublesome to his neighbours in his apartment building. His habit and that of a friend and other young residents resulted in a strong residue of cannabis smoke in his apartment building. Sufficiently strong was the odour that a complaint was made to the police which landed him in court. 

The question arose was he buying drugs just for personal consumption or to deal. 

A police search of his apartment yielded multiple mobile telephones, drug paraphernalia and luxury items, watches and a Maserati. Not really consistent with an income as a novice real estate agent of 1000€ per month. But his parents were rich and helped toward his standard of living. There was not enough evidence to prove drug dealing and the court settled on a suspended jail sentence of 10 months and 2 years probation. 

Spectacular Crash on the Spelughes Fairmont Hairpin

It wasn’t Charles Leclerc crashing at the Spelugues Fairmont Hairpin? 

16 years old and possibly impersonating Charles Leclerc but without Charles’ talent and experience, it appears. 

And it’s not easy even in a Citroen AMI regulated to 45 kilometres per hour to negotiate the Fairmont hairpin. All of which resulted in the car overturning and the 16 year old and his passenger in his 20s being taken to Princess Grace hospital … shaken up and scared. 

You can drive the electric Citroen AMI (restricted speed vehicle) without a license … almost as if it were a bicycle. It was quite a spectacle and luckily the two youngsters only suffered some bruises. Their first taste of driving on Monaco’s famous Grand Prix Formula 1 circuit was one they will remember. The impression that a video of the accident made led to it being a hit on social media.

The Police concluded the young occupants of the Citroen were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, so as well as not being seriously hurt they were not charged.

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