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Rape Drugs, Violent Assaults in Prison and Forged Currency: a Heavy Docket for the Courts

A Monegasque Drug Dealer Pays Heavily for his Crimes

A Monegasque just under 60 years old found himself in serious hot water in a Court in the Alpes Maritimes. It turned out he was a habitual offender with many convictions and many years behind bars for drug offenses including drug trafficking.

On this occasion he had been caught in suspicious circumstances in a car outside a night club in a town near Nice together with two buyers for his drugs.

As police approached his car he had tried to get rid of the evidence including pouches of drugs including cannabis and cocaine and a “rape drug”. The police found drugs in the glove compartment of the car and more stashed away in an apartment he used in Nice.

The investigators had also found in the apartment two precision scales, pouches and other sachets ready to be packaged with cannabis, cocaine and more quantities of the “rape drug” and almost 30.000 euros in small denominations. The criminal tried to pass the drugs off as for his personal use and that of a his party-going friends… also claiming he was not using the rape drug to ensnare girls.

The Court took a very serious view of this case and sentenced him to 5 years in jail, and also banned him from the area for 5 years.

Abundant Counterfeit Cash and Bounced Checks in return for Gold Bars

If it is too good to be true it probably is. A broker had introduced three contacts, who had inherited gold bars, to an intermediary in Tuscany who offered them almost 70.000 euros cash for them, a price that was way over market price for their gold. In return he received a hefty commission. This made it easier to split their inheritance.

But it turned out that the cash they received for their gold was counterfeit with only a few of the bills at the top being real.

The broker tried to compensate them for the scam with three checks which in turn bounced.

The Court had previously sentenced the broker to 2 months firm in prison for this fraud after which he appealed the conviction.

Good news and bad news for him … the Court was lenient and while they kept the 2 month prison sentence intact, the judges turned it into a suspended sentence. But the extra legal fees for the appeal added a little salt in the wounds. And the Broker would have to compensate his clients for the bounced checks.

Mental Illness Triggers Outrageous Attacks on Prison Guards

A very difficult case concerning a troubled young man under 30 who found himself imprisoned for offenses including theft but had foolishly threatened his custodians and health professionals with death.

Under subsequent psychiatric observation he was evaluated as possibly suffering from schizophrenia with a strong recommendation that he not be further punished for his sometimes violent and erratic behaviour. The matter came to a head when he continued to insult and spit on his prison guards.

The prosecution argued for a penal sanction making the case that the offender was well aware of what he was doing. However the Court followed the recommendations of the psychiatrist and did not sanction him. Instead the judge issue a firm warning that next time the Court would not be so lenient.

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