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Unspeakable Harassment at Work and Serial Abuse of Alcohol Stops at Jail

Unemployment and Tears Follow Drunken Festivities 

In the circumstances when Monaco cannot suspend foreign driving licenses of regular visitors there is still a way of protecting the community. Monaco does have the power to stop people driving within its territory. So when a young man in his thirties went overboard having a wonderful time wining and dining, especially wining, he was risking his future ability to drive into Monaco. And fueled by too much alcohol the anticipated incident came to pass. Veering along Larvotto in a limousine borrowed from his employer he winged and damaged several safety posts placed by the City near a building site, not to mention damaging the Limo itself. It did not take long for the police to establish how drunk he was – which landed him in front of the judge. His festivities also cost him his job because he had forgotten to return the Limo where it was needed. 

And his record of prior offenses did not help him when it came to sentencing for drunk driving. He had prior convictions for driving without a license, using drugs and for offensive behaviour. The standard traffic offense fine of 45 euros paled against the additional 700 euro fine he received. And the Principality did forbid his driving on their territory for the next six-months. Festivities followed by unemployment and tears. 

Law and order

Serial Offense Driving Under the Influence Lead to Jail

Offenders are becoming almost immune to fines when it comes to alcohol. Typical might be the case of a 60 year old used to zooming around on his scooter but imbibing without restraint. Only a few months fresh from a relatively grave incident. That prior one had landed him in hospital after he fell off his scooter drunk – which also brought him under the attention of the hospital’s psychiatric department for several weeks. 

The latest incident before the Court was a celebration with alcohol in the mountains. This ended up with the police intercepting him on return to Monaco riding his scooter carelessly and without a helmet. Twice warned, but perhaps not thrice shy without the threat of a bigger stick than the fine of 75 euros for not wearing a helmet. 

The Court decided that only a prison sentence would make him think again before drinking heavily and then his riding scooter. The result – a four month suspended prison sentence. A literally sobering threat of time behind bars!

Law and order

Harassment and Rare Poisoned Relationships at Work with Jail the Last Resort 

Highly unusual to find experienced employees undermining their juniors to the point the courts have to get involved. Disagreements and personality conflicts can happen but extreme harassment targeted to destabilize and have someone lose their job – particularly a job that is a caring one of looking after the elderly. 

Generation gaps and misunderstandings don’t account for humiliating by spitting or making border-line racist comments, threats or trying to get someone fired with outrageous exaggerated acts and perhaps even falsifying reports. 

What was true or false sometimes was difficult to assess so poisonous was the relationship. 

There were sufficient clear facts though that the Court was convinced that there was unjustified extreme harassment. All of which led to a severe sentence: 6 months suspended jail – and attesting to the severity of the behaviour a civil award of over 20.000 euros.

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