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Will There Soon Be 10.000 Monegasques?

Did you know that for give or take 500 years since the 16th century Monaco’s Mairie has been tracking who is born and married in the Principality and who passes away. 

And the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (IMSEE) has joined in and published its view of the demographics of Monegasques in 2023.

Love Still Radiates Everywhere

Love still radiates everywhere but not quite enough to make 100 winning marriage proposals. But at least there were 69 marriages celebrated between spouses where at least one of the couple is Monegasque. This number is down compared with the last five years. We last hit that magic number of 100 marriages in 2022. It seems that young love is not producing instant marriages but that many are waiting to their thirties to tie the knot. The average age of men for a first marriage is just over 33 compared with just 2 years younger for women. 

Monegasques marrying each other is generally a little rare though blips do happen; the clear majority usually marry “out” to other nationalities. 

It’s comforting to see there are a lot more marriages than divorces, and good to see divorces down a lot relative to prior years.

For divorces, the number for 2023 is not yet known, but for 2022 it was particularly low, at 20 cases. This is a significant drop from the usual 30 or more expected based on prior trends. 

Monaco is typically a magnet for marriages. It is a popular place to get married, and often there are many marriages here, which do not involve a single Monegasque partner.

The Elusive Ten Thousand

Whereas the increase in the Monegasque population is not exactly galloping along it is increasing at just over 1%. 

9,790 people of Monegasque nationality were registered in 2023 that is 104 more in a year. Of these, over 4000 were men and over 5000 were women nearly 900 more than their male counterparts. 

The average age is 45, but in detail, the men are about 6 years younger than the women on average. 

In terms of age groups, societies are aging and Monaco is not an exception. Those aged 65 and over are in the majority, accounting for 27% of Monegasques. They are followed by the 50-64 age group (20%) and, similar percentages in the 16 and under and 17-34 age groups. The 35-49 age group is slightly underrepresented with 15% of Monegasques. 

Maybe we will have to wait a couple of years before that magic threshold of 10.000 Monegasques is exceeded, including those naturalized.

The Stork Delivered Over 100 Beautiful Babies

The Principality recorded 104 births of children of Monegasque nationality in 2023, including 50 boys and 54 girls. 

On average, when their first Monegasque child was born, mothers were in their early thirties. 

Statistics are blind to happiness or sadness and the community also keeps tabs on deaths. Sadly 71 Monegasques died last year, including 34 men and 37 women. 

Life expectancy at birth for people of Monegasque nationality is over 86 years, but it is women who live longer, with an average of 90 years, more than six years longer than men.

Princess Grace Hospital Plays a Powerful Role In the Whole Region Around Monaco

Princess Grace Hospital is a very attractive place to be born . Births from Monaco are supplemented by those from just across the border from Menton, Beausoleil, Roquebrune and Cap d’Ail. Princess Grace Hospital is performing an important service for neighbouring communities.And Princess Grace Hospital plays an important role at the end of life as well as the beginning.

Which Are Your Favourite Boys and Girl’s Names?

Which boy’s name do you prefer? Gabriel has often been popular joined with Léo, Raphaël, Mattéo and Louis. And which girl’s name do you prefer? Victoria is often a favourite with Charlotte, Valentina, Jade, and Mila. We wonder what 2023 had in store with new names to surprise us no doubt – possibly a budding astronaut named after one of the stars! 

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