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Unknown facts about Monaco: The Police of Monaco

This week we found more curious facts about the Principality of Monaco. And we bet you didn’t know that…

Monaco, Prince's Palace, Changing of the Guard
Changing of the Guard

They say Monaco is the safest place in the world. Let’s look at the statistics. The population of Monaco is estimated at 38,000 people, while police force numbers 521. After having made some simple calculations we can make a conclusion that for every police officer, there are 74 citizens of the Principality. In addition, 568 CCTV cameras are strategically placed around Monaco’s territory. This allows the police to monitor every corner of the small country, ensuring the highest level of security.

Police cars, parked on the streets of Monaco

And what about Monaco’s military power? Nowadays the Monegasque army consists of 82 people, which is less than the Monaco’s military orchestra, with 85 musicians. So the Principality of Monaco is the only country whose army is smaller than its military orchestra. However, it is not surprising considering the fact that Monaco’s army was put on alert just once during its history. It happened in 1962, when the French president Charles de Gaulle threatened to cut off the Principality’s electricity and water if Prince Rainier III did not impose an income tax on the residents of Monaco. But the microstate wasn’t interested in starting a war with well-armed France and the reigning prince had to make some concessions in order to avoid a conflict.

Les Carabiniers du Prince at the celebration in Monaco

The government of Monaco takes the matter of national and international security very seriously. And history proves that. For instance, in 1914, Prince Albert I initiated the creation of Interpol, after police officers from several European countries were involved in the investigation of a royal jewelry theft. The event marked the start of Interpol, Europe’s powerful, international investigative police service.

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