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Top 7 Activities to Experience on Ski Holidays in France

Aside from skiing or snowboarding, ski resorts are full of ideas and activities to do in the snow to attract holidaymakers, such as airborne luge, mountain biking on the snow, ice-driving, etc. The choice is wide. Here is a selection:

Isola 2000 Ice Track

Here you have a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the drivers who compete each winter on Isola 2ooo’s ice track during the famous Andros Trophy competition.

Approved by the FFSA and FFM, the AT 2000 track makes it possible in particular to register for an apprenticeship ice driving course in order to test and to perfect this winter activity or sport safely with the Nissan ice driving school at Isola 2000. The track also invites you to try out genuine competition cross-country karts adapted for use on the ice. AT 2000.

Snow golf at Valberg

It has been a difficult start of the season because of the lack of snow so far for this new activity thought up by the Valberg resort this winter. On their golf course which is popular every summer, the Valberg golf club has set up a three-hole course adapted to winter including fluorescent balls. An eccentric take on the sport, Snow Golf is only available during the school holidays on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 pm to 4 pm. 5 euros, club and fluorescent balls. Tel.:

Snow golf
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And also:

Snowmobiles … snow vehicles and meals at the top! Ski resorts compete with each other in their innovation and ingenuity to offer more authentic experiences and moments to their visitors. As a new offering, the outings and snowmobile rides now end with meals in restaurants at high altitudes but also, as at Valberg, you can enjoy a “sunrise” hike and breakfast. A “Trappeur” outing with a night in a yurt is even offered. In Auron and Isola 2000, the snow vehicles no longer only serve to groom the tracks. They are now put to use to carry hungry guests up to high-altitude restaurants to pass their evening.

Mountain biking at Roubion

Getting down the snowy tracks without boards stuck to your feet is now possible at Roubion. Since 2005, the small Tinée resort offers guests the possibility to ride a mountain bike that rolls on the snow. Guaranteed excitement. Though the station is currently waiting for a more abundant snowpack for the mountain bikes to make their tracks! Tel.:

Mountain biking
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Airboard Luge at Auron

Forget the traditional plastic sled! Air boarding wins the heart of all those who dare try it. As a family, among friends, it’s playful, easy to handle, and downright deliriously fun, the inflatable sled is appealing thanks to its speed and its immediate excitement. Guided by Richard Martinez, the activity takes place on the virgin slopes during the après-ski. Lightweight and resistant, this inflatable sled allows you to slide head forward and lying on your belly, and you can easily move by distributing your weight from one side to the other to make turns. Plus, to brake, just use the tip of your feet. Note that the activity is to be discovered at a preferential rate during the “Open Luge” evenings offered every Saturday evening. Tel.:

Airboard Luge at Auron
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Ski joëring at La Colmiane

Another experience on the snow…

Ski joëring at La Colmiane
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Here’s another way to glide down the slopes. At La Colmiane, Marc Ducrez and his Mercantour Farm propose to those who love new discoveries to come to try skiing joëring. Solo or as a couple, nature lovers have the chance to feel the joy of skiing while being pulled by a horse. Enjoyment is assured! Marc Ducrez invites you to warm up on his farm, to get to know the animals that live there, and to taste the local products produced on-site.

Laser Ice game at Val D’Allos

Want an original and friendly après-ski activity worthy of an action movie? The Laser Ice game, located in the car park of the equestrian center at La Foux d’Allos, offers something for everyone, from 7 years old. The rules? Challenge your opponents while equipped with new generation long-range rifles with laser sighting on an outdoor course. All this with no paint stains, no projectiles, no pain. Just joy and laughter! 30 minutes: 10 euros. Tel.:

Sledding safari at Gréolières and the Audibergue

Since last winter, a partnership between the ski resorts of Audibergue and Gréolières and the Monts d’Azur Reserve in Thorenc offers a most unusual stay combining half a day of skiing, a mountain meal, and a 45-minute sledding safari in the heart of the Reserve to discover the wild beauties that live there. More information available from the Reserve or resorts.

Sledding safari
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So much to choose from, you’ll wish winter was twice as long! As you can see, the ski resorts are truly upping their game with their wide range of alternative snow activities which will be sure to keep you and your loved ones entertained throughout your stay.

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