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Monaco Gastronomy: blend of traditions, accidents and talents

Crêpe Suzette

The Principality of Monaco has always had a rich history in gastronomy, due to a national desire to provide excellence to its residents and visitors. Traditional Monegasque cuisine is influenced by French culture and its main recipes are based on fresh vegetables, rice and seafood. Barbagiuan is a pastry considered a national speciality of the Principality of Monaco, produced from …

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DID YOU KNOW THAT…? Celebrities and famous Monaco guests

1911 - The Russian Ballet| © Courtesy of Monte-Carlo SBM

The Principality of Monaco has always represented elegance and luxury dating back hundreds of years. At the beginning of the 20th century, Monaco was an attraction for Russian nobility. The Principality’s prosperity, and particularly that of the casinos, was in large due to the Russian community. Since 1909 the Principality of Monaco has hosted its world famous “Russian Ballet”. Since …

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Did you know that…? Aviation pioneers of Monaco

Aviation in Monaco

People often visit Monaco to realize their dreams, even just for a day. For hundreds of years, this exceptional place has attracted not just tourists but the most colorful personalities. Many of the residents of thePrincipality of Monaco work with each other in the community where they make positive global change. Monaco does not just merge cultural diversity, it also …

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Over more than seven centuries, Monaco created its own traditions carefully observed by the Monegasque families. Most of them are related to religious holidays, including the celebration of Christmas. A Christmas Eve in Monaco brings all the family together. It’s a perfect family time, an opportunity to share warm moments with your loved ones. Among others, Monaco has a Christmas …

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The Story of Winston Churchill’s Gambling Debt in Monaco

Сэр Уинстон Черчилль

“I will pay my debts tomorrow” – Winston Churchill said to the Director of the Hotel de Paris Casino. The Monte Carlo Casino room is lavish and vast. Its woodwork, hangings, chandeliers and tapestries come together to create a rare and rich decor. Game tables stand in the middle of the room. “Nothing is going right!” he says. The exclamation …

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