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Meditation and DJ’s Online Will Enliven Your Quarantine

In these stressful times many people are finding inner harmony in meditation. But with the quarantine it is impossible nowadays to gather with like-minded friends to meditate together. 

There is an answer. 

A new Monaco association initiated by Roman Janecek offers free meditations live on Facebook, to allow everyone to learn and better manage the stress of confinement

The Facebook group is called “The Self is in the care – Mindfullness”. You will need to insert “Facebook Le Soi est dans le soin – Mindfullness” to find it on the web 

Roman created this group as recently as this March. It is a field that has been growing by leaps and bounds as there is more and more evidence of the benefits of meditation on how we function and particularly on our emotions. Several times a week, Roman Janecek is now offering live meditation, also available for revisiting later.

Meditation and DJ’s Online

Practitioners are strong believers that meditation contributes significantly to our well-being. It helps us manage out emotions and could help us particularly in dealing with the stress of confinement and all the fears that accompany this epidemic. 

For an effective meditation session you only need to find as little as 10 to 15 minutes or up to 25 minutes; at the beginning set aside 20 minutes. Devotees claim you can benefit from it immediately. Eventually for maximum benefit it is recommended that you do it once a day or once every two days, so that you create a rhythm. Hard up for time? You can meditate while cooking, or in the bathroom; there is no limit to our imagination! 

Turn Up the Music with DJ’s On-Line to Enliven Your Quarantine

The more entertainment the better while we are cooped up. Here is a selection of DJs organizing live music or offering mixes on the Web to lighten the hours spent in quarantine: 

Bob Sinclar

Originator of hits including World, Hold On, Love Generation and Rock This Party .

In earlier times, his French Touch came under the name of Chris The French Kiss or The Mighty Bop. In real life Christophe Le Friant has DJed a myriad of evenings around the globe. Disco, house, funk, tribal … Every day has a surprise. Go to his Facebook page every day at 2 p.m.

Meditation and DJ’s Online

Laurent Garnier

On Sunday March 15, Laurent Garnier put seven hours of music online on the Soundcloud audio platform as an anti-dote to the virus forcing us all to stay at home. Is a Saturday night without music imaginable! Still on Soundcloud, with his friends from Radio Meuh, Garnier has also put together a playlist of twenty-five songs to say “thank you” to caregivers.

Valentin Augis

This DJ from the Oise for twenty hours mixed music thinking about the situation in hospitals with the coronavirus. Also known as VGS he wanted to encourage people to stay at home. His performance can be heard on his Facebook page

Gabin Lebrun

Gabin, is believe it or not a 9-year-old boy living in the village of Nailloux (Haute-Garonne). Wednesday and Saturday, at 6 p.m. he performs for an hour-long live on Facebook Mix Gabin.

Meditation and DJ’s Online


In 2018, she participated in World DJ Day on Fun Radio. Seen also at Electronic Beaches, in Cannes. Umbree from Nice has also released a single called Kisses and can be found on Facebook Umbree.


Simon Nardini, alias Sai, entertains us with his friends from the Afronymous collective. Find it on Facebook and on the Afoman Radio website. Every day, a guest starts the music at 2 p.m., Sai starts at 4 p.m., his DJ friend Sly DaWise continues from 6 p.m. 

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