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Boco: high gastronomy in a jar

“Boco” is the latest addition to the Principality’s gastronomic landscape: a premium fast food establishment conceived by Vincent Ferniot.

“Ideas, everyone has them. What really matters is getting them done”, explains the culinary journalist well known by viewers of the program “Midi en France”. He refined his project over a period of several years before launching it six years ago with his brother Simon, a marketing specialist.

Everything served in glass jars reminiscent of the kind your grandmother would use. “Fast food” with good taste; dishes made with recipes designed by renowned chefs, enjoyed once the lid is lifted.

“At the beginning, we wanted to democratise high class cuisine, allowing many to taste the work of chefs,” he continues, explaining that for him “food is the primary culture that we share in Europe, reunited around a table”.

“The Boco Gang”: Vincent Ferniot and Team of Boco

They opened the first “Boco” six years ago in Paris, and since then another ten in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Monaco is their twelfth location, “We are very proud to start this new ‘Rivieran era’ in the Principality”.

Source: defense-92.fr

Everywhere, the concept remains the same. A selection of entrees, mains and desserts, all presented in glass jars, which customers choose from refrigerated shelves before sitting down to enjoy them on the terrace, neighbouring the Automobile Club along boulevard Albert 1er. The 16 euro sets (starters+main or main+dessert) are alluringly priced.

Each dish was designed by a Michelin starred chef.

“We call them the Boco gang”, laughs Vincent Ferniot, who as a food critic has made the world of gastronomy his second family. It was them who he needed to convince in order to validate his idea; “they quickly grasped our concept of creating a gateway between fast-food and gastronomy. Afterwards, they did it because they had trust in me”.

The team is comprised of Gilles Goujon, Emmanuel Renaut, Jean-Michel Lorain, Regis Macron, Stephane Decotterd, Oliver Bellin, Phillipe Urraca, the pastry chefs Philippe Conticini, Damien Moutarlier, Paul Wittamer, Frederic Bau and Vincent Ferniot himself, who came up with some of the recipes.

As was done in Belgium, with a partnership between Pierre Wynants and Lionel Rigolet, the location in Monaco should merge with its new Riviera members, ready to join the team. “I have many chef friends in Monaco”, says Vincent Ferniot, referring to Christophe Cussac, Philippe Joannes or Paolo Sari.

The menu, which varies according to season, could in fact offer recipes from any of the aforementioned chefs in the coming weeks.

Emphasis on Products

For those asking why glass jars, the man in charge of the concept, replies that it is primarily for environmental reasons and also for their practicality.

Source: www.finedininglovers.fr

A relatively pretty object to look at, it can be brought home or kept when delivered. “We would like people to save the jars at home, to use them to store food or as a coin holder, storage container, flower pot or candle holder”, continues Vincent Ferniot. Those who’d rather not are invited to dispose of them in the appropriate recycling container.

Produced in Bourgogne

The jars are made by the German brand Weck. Favoured over their French counterparts since they don’t contain metal parts and can be microwaved – “they are also 50% lighter, making them better suited to deliveries” adds Simon Ferniot.

Technically the production for all of Bocos twelve locations is done in central kitchens located around Paris and Bourgogne. The jars are pasteurized, keeping their contents fresh for up to five days. The desserts are frozen on the spot by their pastry chefs.

Today the team is looking for potential production sites on the Riviera. In fact, if the next locations are opened in Bordeaux and Angers, sixty or so franchise applicants will have to be considered, therefore several stores may open in the south of France.

In terms of quality, since the very beginning Boco has been 100% organic. “We didn’t use inorganic products because their taste didn’t satisfy us, notably when it came to the meat and fish”.

Today, by ensuring the use of responsible agriculture, Boco’s kitchens are in love with good products.

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