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Anti-aging Secrets, or Summer’s do’s and don’ts

The beach season and trendy summer fashion collections are «pushing» us toward sporty exploits and restrictive diets. Certain extreme measures in pursuit of a perfect figure, however, may have the reverse effect…

HelloMonaco met Professor Elena Baranova, international expert in personalized preventive medicine and genomics, anti-aging specialist, author of a unique individual method of health improvement, anti-aging and beauty, Haute Couture Prevention®, creator of revolutionary professional food additives optimizing gene activity and President of the European Institute of Personalized Medicine and Health (Monaco).

Anti-Aging Detox

Start introducing more vegetables and fruit into your diet, favouring seasonal berries, while still maintaining white meat and poultry consumption. Protein deficiency is very dangerous especially in spring and summer. It can easily lead to neurotransmitter shortage responsible for optimal brain and hormonal function.

Introduce a summer detox. You don’t have to starve yourself for a long time. Fasting days are just as efficient. Once a week, do a day of baked apples or cucumbers (up to 1.5 kg a day) or vegetable soups only. Starving is only an option if you are not suffering from chronic fatigue.

Anti-aging Secrets, or Summer’s do’s and don’ts

If you really love and eat a lot of red meat (beef, lamb), switch to white meats (poultry, veal). Once a week, practice boiled rice fasting days: 1 cup of saltless boiled rice enriched with dried fruit (apricots, prunes).

If you are 35+, practice a quantum detox based on gene regulation with the aid of special LYCOOGENE products (activating detox genes, preparing your skin for intense exposure to sunlight and protecting you from a number of diseases), including BGENE and RESVERAGENE (for regulating rejuvenation processes, optimizing the functioning of brain and blood vessels and reducing fatigue).

Anti-Aging Diet

Eliminating fats from your diet is quite a common mistake. It results in cell membrane depletion triggering the aging process, reducing steroid and sex hormone production. On top of olive oil which is full of omega-3, it would be a good idea to enrich your diet with rapeseed (Colza) and sunflower oils. The French have specially created an Isio 4, which is a mixture of four different oils combining all the essential fatty acids.

Summer on the French Riviera is a proper holiday often associated with alcohol consumption. Taste a delicious La Piscine drink based on rosé or white wines, which is quite trendy this season. It is traditionally served with a large amount of ice extending your pleasure and reducing the amount of alcohol at the same time. One glass would get you through the whole night.

Anti-aging Secrets, or Summer’s do’s and don’ts

To reduce morning fatigue and enjoy your evening entertainment, we recommend our highly efficient anti- fatigue quantum genomics based product, Energy I. It also has a «pleasant side effect» of quickly eliminating alcohol from your body. It can be taken in the morning after breakfast or during the day. Its unique formula significantly increases the energy production of your cells and boasts a rapid effect. It is particularly good if you lead an active lifestyle helping you to recover quickly after a busy night. It is also efficient if you practice sports thanks to its fatigue reduction effect.

People who work a lot and are 40+ take quite some time to recover as they often lack time to pamper themselves. They may even feel worse after a short vacation. This is the result of adrenal glands depletion and burn-out syndrome. This is an intense form of chronic fatigue accompanied by a slowdown of hormone and neurotransmitters synthesis responsible for efficient brain activity, sound sleep and good mood. Whether you are suffering from a sleep disorder, or morning tiredness, or increased irritability, or weight disorders, or decreased libido, it would make sense to take a vacation following our individual intensive recovery programs and book a consultation with us.

Follow our simple tips and you will always be in great shape, fit for dancing all night long, all through your summer holidays, boasting a beautiful complexion! Keep up the high spirits!

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