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Ballets de Monte Carlo: A Creative New Perspective

Jean-Christophe Maillot is about to offer you intimate glimpses of the Ballets de Monte Carlo. Nothing will ever compare to being at a live performance but imagine also getting to know the ballet dancers, how they spend their day, their training programs, flavours of their individual personalities. They are about to have their own digital platform. But given it is Jean-Christophe Maillot it will not be like any other. 

It will not resemble the wide angle broadcasting of live performances that other ballet companies have tried – because something is missing from the live ambiance in those broadcasts. Jean-Christophe Maillot and “Les Ballets” are never about less than the best, never devoid of originality. 

The unique new digital platform called will offer more than top quality cameo sequences, interviews and behind the scenes glimpses of the performers. They plan to broadcast full ballets as well – but with a creative technological approach – not trying to compete with the live inimitable glorious performances and their spirited ambiance. 

Rather there will be cameras placed at the wings and backstage as well as the wide angle front view. All to capture a ballet’s other “flavours” – the entrances and exits, the backstage action and warming up. 

You can subscribe to it reportedly for as little as 5 euros a month. Do a pirouette of glee at the thought. Imagine seeing full ballets with angles never seen before. Even if you do not become a regular subscriber to all the ballets and cameos you can watch a uniquely digitized full ballet for 12 euros – the first will be on January 5th. It is «Core Meu» and it is so harmonious and rhythmic that it was chosen especially for the first broadcast. And soon you can watch the Ballets de Monte-Carlo on their travels in Germany in March and May in Paris. 

Imagine the disappointment of all the troupe’s followers around the world with Covid. The Ballets de Monte Carlo are one of the few ballets regularly performing – there has been a full program in Monte Carlo this December. But you can’t fight a global virus; so Japanese fans have not been able to see the Taming of the Shrew live. At least now, until international travel and performances resume as before, the Ballets devoted international audience can watch their favourite dancers. 

How is this happening in practice? Two of Les Ballets’ past dancers have created a digital company in Monaco called Équilibre to work with Jean-Christophe Maillot and the Ballets. They are Quinn Pendleton and Ediz Erguc. Is this an untested dream? Two million votes say no. That’s how many views of the hugely successful Wake Up video on You Tube received. 

The first performance of Core Meu will be visible on January 5. And if you are in Monte Carlo you can go to an incomparable live performance and then see it again with those rare backstage and wing cameras giving you unique angles.

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