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Birth of a New TV Channel: Monte-Carlo Riviera

Monte-Carlo Riviera TV a national television public service is being created. We can expect it will broadcast a diversified range of programmes in the genres of information, culture, entertainment and sport all of which are part of its mandate. In addition we may also anticipate serious coverage of political, economic, and social aspects of the Principality. 

Public service broadcasters have to be particularly mindful about guaranteeing honesty, independence as well as the pluralistic expression of currents of thought.

In this context the project has already caught the attention of president of the Conseil National, Stéphane Valeri, who emphasized that if we want pluralist news in this country, a journalist must feel totally independent and free and obviously must not be a government employee. 

Monegasque Culture and Environmental Education 

Broadcasts will include education on the environment and sustainable development, dear to everyone’s hearts in Monaco.

And of special note the TV will assist in the dissemination of Monegasque culture and identity throughout the world.

Finance and Board of Directors 

Monte-Carlo Riviera, is planned to be incorporated as a Monegasque public limited company. Its capital is targeted to be initially wholly owned by the state, which may cede a minority stake if it wishes. The associate manager is Salim Zeghdar. 

It is also expected that the Conseil National will choose two members of the board of directors, in addition to those who will be appointed by the municipal council. Four people with proven experience in the audio-visual or cultural field will round out the Board. It is expected that the members will be appointed for a renewable three-year term and that they appoint their own chairman. They will hire a general manager, involving the ethics committee in the process to ensure independence, impartiality and pluralism. 

On the financial level, the revenues of Monte-Carlo Riviera include the subsidy allocated annually by the State in return for its public service mission the amounts of which have not yet been clarified. There will also be commercial revenues which could pay down the public subsidy. Donations may be made as well. 

The new public service is intended to be present on TV5 Monde, which explains the involvement of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. It can start to broadcast in 2022 but the date is still not confirmed officially.

The channel is expected to be accessible on the Internet and social networks. The transmitter on Mont Agel is powerful enough to broadcast it independently, from Menton to Marseille.

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