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Closure of Crèches and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions Due To Coronavirus

In concert with HSH the Sovereign Prince, the Princely Government decided, from Monday March 16 and until further notice, to close the crèches and educational establishments of the Principality of Monaco (schools, colleges, high schools, higher education establishments). This measure aims to protect children and reduce the spread of the virus across the territory. According to epidemiologists and doctors who are supporting the Prince’s Government in managing this health crisis, children and young people are likely to spread the virus quickly, even if they sometimes have no symptoms and, fortunately, do not seem today to suffer from acute forms of the disease.

The Monegasque authorities will set up a daycare service for the children of staff whose activity is essential in the fight against the epidemic or for the functioning of the State and organizations of vital importance (OIV). Priority will be given to parents whose job is to care for and protect against the virus. Parents can also find a solution in schools for children who cannot be looked after other than by the elderly. As a last resort, a case-by-case solution will be put in place for parents who are unable to have their children looked after.

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

The Directorate of National Education for Youth and Sports, is collaborating with the educational community on the appropriate measures to ensure the continuity of teaching and monitoring of students, in particular through digital applications already implemented e.g. on-line and Skype etc. The Princely Government invites all educational establishments to put in place this type of measure aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of education.

At the same time, the Princely Government recommends the establishment of telework to allow the pursuit of economic activities while meeting the requirements of childcare. In order to answer any question relating to these measures concerning National Education, the Princely Government has set- up a telephone number: 

98 98 47 01 and an email:

Every effort should be made to stem the spread of the virus and to protect those most at risk. Each of us has a share of the protection of others, starting with our loved ones. The Princely Government calls on everyone’s responsibility and civic sense to adopt the most cautious behavior.

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

Restrictions on Gatherings

Italy is in lockdown and President Macron in France is introducing severe restrictions on gatherings. 

Minister of State Serge Telle also confirmed that the Principality was adopting the French position prohibiting the gathering of more than 100 people, which, it was said, also includes the staff of the establishments concerned. For other mass gatherings, meetings are planned between Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and the Economy and officials. These prudent restrictions also apply to the Printemps des Arts. It could be more stringent in bars and restaurants, the limit of which MIGHT be set at 50 people. We await an imminent decision on this. 

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

Tight Restrictions on Visits to Care Homes for the Elderly

To protect the most vulnerable populations, namely the elderly, the Department of Social Affairs has decided to ban visits to certain establishments and limit them to certain services. There are no longer authorized visits to Cap Fleuri and A Quietüdine, long-term care and the Denis Ravera care unit at the Rainier-III Center. From the 1st to the 5th floor. the follow-up care and rehabilitation unit and the acute geriatrics unit can receive one visit per patient per day. 

Digital Tablets 

These restrictions will inevitably have an impact on patient morale.To limit damage as much as possible, part of the staff will support patients in the use of digital tablets equipped with videoconferencing applications so that they can see and talk to each other anyway.


The Speranza-Albert II center, which offers therapeutic day care, also for the elderly. Under study under study is how to support users, while keeping them safe at home.

The people belonging to the gerontological coordination center of Monaco, who are about 700 in number, are also to be kept at home. They have been sent letters with health recommendations and the most vulnerable will be called regularly. 

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

Sports Events Restrictions 

Many competitions in different disciplines have been cancelled or suspended due to the spread of the coronavirus. Update on Basketball, football, Formula 1, and tennis. 


After the ATP’s announcement to suspend the men’s circuit for six weeks, the organizers of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters had no choice but to cancel the 2020 edition of the tournament. 


The Roca Team will have a rest period after the announcement of the suspension of the Jeep Elite and the EuroCup. Euroleague Basketball has announced the suspension of EuroLeague, EuroCup and the Next Generation tournament. The French Basketball Federation announced: “The Top 8 Aréna Loire, which was to qualify the two finalists for the Coupe de France and was to take place the weekend of March 21, is also cancelled”.


The Professional Football League (LFP) also decided to suspend Ligue 1 as well as League 2. Initially planned to play behind closed doors, the matches of this weekend are therefore postponed. 

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

Grand Prix and Formula 1 

The Automobile Club de Monaco has not yet taken measures to cancel the Historic Grand Prix and Formula 1, scheduled from May 8 to 10 and May 21 to 24, even though the Melbourne Grand Prix has been cancelled. 

Symptoms or Questions

In Monaco for any question on the coronavirus , it is recommended to contact Doctor Eric VOIGLIO of the Health Action Department at 98 98 48 50 or at 06 78 63 85 68 or by email:

In case of symptoms (high fevers and respiratory signs such as cough or shortness of breath), contact the fire department directly on 18 or 112.

Do not go to your doctor or to the emergency room, to avoid any potential contamination.

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

You can also contact the Department for Sanitary Affairs at +377 98 98 84 20 if you have a question or require information.

In order to allow the emergency services and the CHPG to focus on their primary missions, for any question on the coronavirus, Monegasques, residents and employees can ask all the questions they want in connection with COVID19 by dialing the number: 92 05 55 00. This number is accessible 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is also possible to send an email to the following address:

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