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Cultural Associations Forum highlights Monaco’s intercultural biodiversity

Monaco is not only glamourous lifestyle’ since it offers an extraordinary variety of cultural events throughout the year, showing a certain resilience even during the recent health emergency. A distinctive savoir-faire and an inspiring environment encouraged the proliferation of many private alliances besides the established institutions. During the past weekend, the Cultural Associations Forum, at its 8th edition, gave voice to all areas of culture. The event, promoted by Monaco Department of Cultural Affairs was held at the Rainier III Auditorium exhibit space. A large participation in terms of presence characterized the meeting with about forty actors sharing their creative passions with the audience. Leisure, plastic arts, music, dance, theatre, literature were the founding pillars of a privileged stage where to exchange ideas and networking.

Cultural life in the Principality continued despite restrictive health measures and we were able to offer public entertainment”, told HelloMonaco Françoise Gamerdinger, director at the Monaco Governmental Department of Cultural Affairs sponsoring the event – “however, we want to enhance in this context, private entities many of which weren’t able to give continuity to their artistic mission in recent months” – “this forum is of vital importance for all of them since they can again come into contact with the public after a long absence without promoting  their activities to interested people”, she added.

Cultural Associations Forum
Françoise Gamerdinger, director at the Monaco Governmental Department of Cultural Affairs, interviewed by HelloMonaco (Cultural Associations Forum, 4th June 2021). © Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

The great revival of cultural activities will start officially soon in the next summer season, including the Organ Music Festival. A spirit of optimism has pervaded the Forum since the preview opening ceremony on Friday the 4th in the presence of H.E. Patrice Cellario, Ministry of Interior, Jean-Louis Grinda, Director of the Monaco Opera House and H.E. Dominique-Marie David, Archbishop of Monaco.

Cultural Associations Forum
Opening Ceremony, from left to right: Françoise Gamerdinger, H.E. Patrice Cellario, H.E. Dominique-Marie David, Michèle Dittlot, Didier Gamerdinger, Karine Ardisson-Salopek, Colonel Tony Varo, Christophe Prat, Norbert Fassiaux, Fire Brigade Chief (Cultural Associations Forum, 4th June 2021).© M. Vitali – Direction de la Communication.

To welcome all visitors an attractive multifunctional set up of stands gathered together leading figures of Monaco Cultural Program. The Ballets de Monte-Carlo, the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, the Orchestre Philarmonique de Monte-Carlo, the Festival Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo, the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco, Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco and Le Petits Chanteurs de Monaco marked the ‘hall of fame’ which creates the best conditions to grow artistic interest in the Principality.

We have been lucky enough to continue providing most of concerts scheduled, since September on, despite recent difficulties”, pointed out Sylvain Charnay, Managing Director at Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra – “having the presence of the public in the concert hall was something extraordinary compared to what happened in the neighbouring countries” – “this meeting is a positive sign that shows how the situation is further evolving looking forward to a greater flexibility, essential to organize greater performances, hopefully next September”, he added.

Cultural Associations Forum
Sylvain Charnay, Managing Director at Monte-Carlo Philarmonic Orchestra, interviewed by HelloMonaco (Cultural Associations Forum, 4th June 2021). © Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

In Art, Culture & Leisure Section, many interesting hobbies were represented like the promotion of prehistory by the Association Monégasque de Préhistoire, in partnership with the Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique. Other unusual interests were well represented as postcard collectors by Association des Cartophiles de Monaco and heraldic & genealogical researchers by Cercle Généalogique et Héraldique de la Principauté de Monaco – CGHPM. 

Book lovers found their best partners in some stands like:  Les Rencontres Littéraires Fabian Boisson, organizing Monaco annual Book Festival (Salon du Livre de Monaco), or Je lis Tu lis Nous lisons aimed at boosting the love of reading among the youngest. Concerts, shows, masterclasses, workshops, coaching, technical advice and various events within the Principality and abroad were embodied by the Monaco International Performing Arts CenterMIPAC association.

In the Plastic and Visual Arts sector, artistic creativity was on the spotlight at its highest standards as for the Comité National Monégasque de l’Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO, under the honorary presidency of the Sovereign Prince, which has been promoting international artist exchanges since its foundation in 1955.

We are really happy to be here again, having participated in all previous editions as historical partner”, stated Marie-Aimée Tirole, president of the UNESCO association – “we have had the chance to be operational since February when we organized our usual annual exhibition, thanks to the Government support. Now we will have many high appointments throughout the year, like the celebration of the Riviera’s Gardens in September and the 700th anniversary since Dante Alighieri’s death, within the Week of the Italian Language in the World, in October, she concluded.

Photo amateurs enjoyed the Club Image Monaco – CIM stand, enriched with some iconic shots, while the Association Monégasque Internationale pour l’Art Africain – AMIAA witnessed how contemporary art and heritage have no boundaries.

Cultural Associations Forum
Marie-Aimée Tirole, president of Comité National Monégasque de l’Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO, interviewed by HelloMonaco (Cultural Associations Forum, 4th June 2021). © Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

Cultural network is a fundamental stage to enhance the culture and for this reason many associations are dedicated to promoting sociolinguistic codes and local traditions. The Alliance Francaise de Monaco played as the ambassador of French language and legacy while the Association Monaco-Chine best represented the relations between the Principality and China for all those who want to have contact with this ancient civilization. The Association Monégasque pour l’Amérique Latine – AMLA personified Latin America with the purpose of strengthening bonds of solidarity and friendships by helping children and families in difficulty. The Club Allemand International de Monaco, then, fostered the development and promotion of the German language and culture.

Any kind of dance, from ballet to country music, from pole training to rock were on the ‘red carpet’ representing the “genres” of Music, Literature and Drama. A kaleidoscope of activities for all tastes constantly within reach of those who live in the Principality. We just have to abandon ourselves to our tastes and choose the right association.

For any further information about Monaco Cultural Associations please visit:

Cultural Associations Forum
© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco
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