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F1 Driver Charles Leclerc receives Medal of Honour

A momentous occasion recently occurred at the Principality’s National Council building when Charles Leclerc was presented with the Monaco Medal of Honour by President Stephane Valeri.

In front of elected officials, members of the National Council and the president of the Automobile Club of Monaco, Stephane Valeri praised F1 driver Charles Leclerc.  Charles Leclerc was accompanied by his brother, Arthur Leclerc, who has just joined the Ferrari Driver Academy and his family for the proud moment. Last season, the young Monegasque came 4th in the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship and came first twice: at the Belgian Grand Prix and at the Italian Grand Prix.

This distinction is usually received by guests of the High Assembly in the parliamentary world.  But, during the ceremony, Stéphane Valeri said that the Medal of Honour could not go to a better recipient.  The medal honours Leclerc’s results in an exceptional career, which is still only in its infancy.  Although the 22 year-old’s career is just starting out, it gained momentum when the driver joined the Ferrari team last year.

The President went on to say that statistically, Leclerc’s accomplishments are miraculous as there are only 9,300 Monegasques, making the chances of having such a successful champion quite slim.  He also said that it is extraordinary to have, on such a small territory, the most prestigious circuit in the world for the best organized Grand Prix of the season.

According to Stéphane Valeri, all of Monaco is proud of Leclerc’s journey, even if, no doubt, the best is yet to come.

Moved by the President’s speech, Charles Leclerc thanked Stéphane Valeri, saying that it is an honour to receive the medal.  The young driver said that he feels the encouragement of the Principality during each race and he is happy to wear the colours of Monaco.

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