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Introducing the next NMNM Director: Björn Dahlström

Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario recently introduced Björn Dahlström to the press as the next Director of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM). Also in attendance were Françoise Gamerdinger, Director of Cultural Affairs, and Marie-Claude Beaud, the current NMNM Director.

The Minister was keen to pay tribute “to the work done and the impetus provided by Marie-Claude Beaud, as well as the renown achieved by the Museum through her efforts.” He also welcomed the arrival of Björn Dahlström to head the NMNM from 1 April 2021: “an arrival which will ensure continuity, passing the baton between two directors. The work that lies ahead of them is to prepare for the future.”

Björn Dahlström offered his sincere thanks to Marie-Claude Beaud, someone he knew and had worked with for many years, for everything she had passed on to him: “I have learnt so much from her; she has been something of a mentor to me.” He then shared his desire to “develop things in a way that respects what has already been done while also bringing [his] own personality to bear.”


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