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Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum Verifies a Shark Spotted in Close-by Coastal Waters

Better not venture into the sea for a swim, and not only just because due to the quarantine the coast is out of bounds. 

In just three weeks of the quarantine different species have discovered that there has been a change in their habitat – no people. Normally with human activity, and all the noise associated with it, many creatures steer clear of our shores.

But did you know that a science student has just been reported spotting a shark in very shallow water near the beach around Menton. It certainly caused a stir in the press especially when they were able to report that the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco confirmed from a video of it that it really was most probably a shark – and apparently unharmed and swimming contentedly in shallow water near the beach. Aren’t you glad you didn’t break the quarantine rules and brave the cold sea water on this last hot Easter weekend. Nature senses the absence of humans and is reclaiming its habitat. 

Photo for illustration

There are many types of shark in the Mediterranean, normally far out of course, and some of which are nearing extinction due to the heavy fishing activity surrounding them.

This one probably wasn’t a white, a grey or a pilgrim shark but a blue shark, clearly comfortable from the students’ videos in the press swimming in the shallows where there was hardly a metre of water – before heading off again into the deep. 

Most of us wouldn’t realize it ourselves but the experts in the Oceanographic Museum would be aware that furher out to sea off Monaco and Villefranche are likely several species of 4 metre sharks – not to mention whales off Marseilles and groups of dolphins near Monaco and Villefranche according to additional reports. 

For now be safe – better to stick to land and Stay Home and defeat the spread of a more dangerous current prey – the coronavirus! 

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